Giving away some DW Dratini

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    Seeing as I had some very good luck breeding DW Dratini today, I decided that I can breed some for anyone who may want one. I can breed DWFs to allow for breeding further, or such.

    I can also breed the egg move ExtremeSpeed (which you can only get if you get the special Dratini from the Dragon's Den in HGSS with that move and transfer it over) if anyone wants that. I have two Dragonair (one DWF and one male that I transferred from my HG with ExtremeSpeed, both with pretty good IVs), so it shouldn't take long to get them. And since i'm so nice, I can also breed IVs (and Adamant natures, since both aforementioned Dragonair have those, I can breed for others if needed but that's the primary one I can do). I can't promise one with outstanding potential, but I can definitely get 31 Attack and Speed. If necessary, I could breed two (one DWF and one male with ExtremeSpeed) if you really want.

    Things to know before offering:

    1. I live in the EST Time Zone, and I have work and school on some days-usually school Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-2:30, and I work Mondays and Fridays from 9-3:30 and various times on Saturdays and Sundays, so it may take a little time for me to get something for you.
    2. I can only use the Level 5 Incubating at Join Avenue six times per day, and i'm so used to that, so I can't get so many at one time. I don't NEED the Join Avenue to breed them right away, considering I can get some Level 4 and 3 as well, but yeah.
    3. I do have school work on most occasions, so again, be patient. I will put you on the waiting list if I get really busy.
    4. As I said, I can breed males with ExtremeSpeed if you want an extra that can pass the move. However, you must notify me if you would like me to breed you a male. I am capable of doing that, but if you don't tell me i'll assume you don't care.

    I'm not looking for much in particular, but I would like the following:

    • Magic Bounce Natu
    • Water Absorb Chinchou
    • Unaware Wooper
    • Speed Boost Carvanha
    • Hydration Barboach
    • Rough Skin Gible
    • Water Absorb Tympole
    • Regenerator Solosis
    • Reckless Mienfoo

    Waiting list:

    • Knuckles18079
    • Mareep9
    • Doob132
    • pokegirl125634
    • torit1
    • weiyu

    None as of this update.

    So uh, yeah. If anyone wants a Marvel Scale Dratini, which evolves into a big, awesome Multiscale Dragonite, go ahead and offer. I'm basically giving them away, though the above wants are sure welcome. Thanks!

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    I would love one.  How can I contact you, and how do I use Join Avenue, for I never really explored that part of the game.

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    You can DM me, and I can take it from there.

    And my sig (which has my White 2 friend code) got wiped earlier when I tried to put this in my sig, sorry V_V I'll add that back in a bit.

    But how Join Avenue works is that sometimes people will visit, you talk to them and either hire them for shops or recommend them to shops and as the popularity rises, the shops get more stuff to offer. It's kinda hard to explain right here, you'd have better luck looking up Serebii or something.

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    I would love one of these Dratini if you wouldn't mind parting with one!

    Black 2 FC 4041-3847-0815

    White FC 1722-2203-7055

    Pokemon Y FC 1547-6387-4648

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    Could i get my hands on one? all i care is about is that its female, and has the abilitiy. so feel free to toss the crappiest one you got! i would greatly appreciate it :P im trying to collect DWF pokes atm

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    yes please! I have been after a dw dratini for a while now... I don't have too much to offer but I'm sure you'd find something of mine that you like.

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    May I have one my friend code is 5029 3751 0303 

    Just PM me whenever you are ready

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    Oh sorry, just saw this, it's been a busy past few days. I'm on it breeding a few right now.

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    Do you want to do it right now?


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    Yeah, sure-just DM'd you about the offer.

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    I would love one, but i really dont have anything to offer...


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    can i have just a regular dratini?


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    If the offer still stands, I would love a DW Dratini with good natures and Ivs or something :D I can breed you an Unaware Wooper if you want? :D

    FC: 4599-8637-2278

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    Ugh, again, sorry I haven't checked this thread in a while-again, i'm REALLY busy at this time and have some stuff to do. But I will make sure to breed some this weekend.

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    Ah that's great! Take your time, I'm sorry I caught you at a very busy time. Thanks a lot for doing this! :D

    FC: 4599-8637-2278

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    i have dw gible to trade for the dw dratini, but only can trade after 5 hrs. please reserve me one. :D







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    If it's not too much trouble, I'd like to be added to that waiting list.  Been trying to get a Hidden Grotto Dragonite for a while now, but that isn't exactly easy, so this would be much appreciated.  I don't know that I have anything you'd really want, but I'll scrounge around and see if I have anything boxed that might be worthy of your generosity (note that I'm pretty sure I don't have anything on your wanted list, unfortunately).  I would like the thing to be female, but other than that I don't care.

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    I would also like one as well. Did anyone offer you an Unaware Wooper? If not, I can breed you one. ^^

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    If no one's offered you yet, I could get you a Speed Boost Carvanha for an Adamant Dratini with Extremespeed.


    Shiny SableyeShiny Sableyes look just plain awesome.

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    Could I please have a Dratini? I din't have any of the pokemon you are looking for, but I have some Zoruas!

    My friend code for Black is 4041 5410 5075.

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