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    I'm looking for a pichu or anything in the same family (pikachu, raichu) or even a pichu egg, love this pokemon and i was gutted when i found out i cant catch one in this game!!

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    Hi there! I have some Lv. 1 Pichus spare from breeding - most are Adamant (+Attack, -Sp.Attack), but also have some Modest (+Sp.Attack, -Attack), Relaxed (+Defence, -Speed), Brave (+Attack, -Speed) and Docile (No changes to stats). Let me know if there's a nature you prefer.

    If you'd like to arrange a trade PM me. :)


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    There's a Wifi Trade (Gen 5) forum here. And within that forum, there's a subforum called Giveaways and Services, which should be used if you're looking for a few freebie Pokemon or doing some sort of giveaway.

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    > **** that line lol
    > blue jays are awesome birds
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