theFroakster97's Pokemon ~ A ~ Day Competition (#4) CYNTHIA'S GARCHOMP

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    Hello everyone! And welcome to the fourth Pokemon ~ A ~ Day contest. This is the thread where I give away one special Pokemon for virtually nothing in return. I could've just been a saint and forgot the competition part, but where's the fun in that?! There's actually three questions for today, but relax, they are ALL very easy. PLEASE READ THE RULES OF THIS COMPETITION! 

    I'm a Pokemon Breeder by the name of Aero, but peeps on Marriland call me theFroakster97. In my breeding career, I've stumbled across many *hacked* Pokemon, mostly from friends who trade me the Parent Pokemon I use for breeding. I decided I'd give these Pokemon away to you guys, you know, to share the love. I believe all the Pokemon I will be offering here are Wifi ready. I can promise you though, NONE OF THESE POKEMON WILL HARM OR AFFECT YOUR GAME IN ANY WAY, and I know because they've been on my game for quite some while. So, without further adue, these are the rules.

    1. I will post a Pokemon trivia question, a set of hints, or something similar.
    2. You MUST PM your answer to me, so that it's private AND I can see who submitted their answer first. 
    3. If I see that you have posted your answer in the comments, you are disqualified for the day. 
    4. You CANNOT win twice in a row. 
    5. Who ever answers all the questions listed first, WINS!
    6. I will also announce the winner in the comments, PLEASE DO NOT ENTER AFTER THE WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED!

     Today's Pokemon -  CYNTHIA'S GARCHOMP

    Who doesn't remember Cynthia, the awesome Champion of the Sinnoh region? I'm not sure why she holds a special place in our hearts, be it her status as first female Champion or the awesome battle we shared with her after defeating the Elite Four. Who knows? One thing is certain, however, and that is that she made us all envious of her amazing Garchomp. Garchomp was not only the staple of the battle, but Garchomp also appeared by Cynthia's side in the anime. There's a catch, however, Cytnhia's appeared in FIVE games since her debut, those being Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Black, and White. So, which Garchomp will I be giving away???? Either way, I expect you guys to be using Google heavily with this one.


    1. MOVE 1
    2. MOVE 2
    3. MOVE 3
    4. MOVE 4
    5. ABILITY
    6. GENDER
    7. NATURE 
    8. HELD ITEM
    9. Question 1
    10. Question 2
    11. Question 3
    12. Question 4
    13. Question 5
    14. Question 6


    Hello there young trainer, Cynthia here. Me and my Garchomp have been through SO much together, from battling challengers in Sinnoh to relaxing in our lovely cottage in the Unova region. My Garchomp is the same level as it was when me and a trainer much like yourself had to trek through the Distortion World after Cyrus. Garchomp knows four moves of course, the first being a ver powerful Dragon Type move, it may even cause the opponent to flinch, however, it only works 75% of the time. Its second move is one of the most well known Fire Type moves, and its third is a Normal Type move with 8 PP when it's maxed out. Its last move is my favorite. Its a common move that Garchomp gets STAB for. My Garchomp often dozes off, but never in the heat of battle!     


    1. What is the name of the evil team Cyrus heads?
    2. What is the first Generation of Pokemon Games Cynthia appeared in?
    3. What Pokemon hatches from the egg Cynthia gives you in Pokemon Platinum?
    4. Who are the Elite Four Members of Sinnoh?
    5. What  is the last Gym Leader in Sinnoh?
    6. What city is Cynthia's cottage in Unova in?




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    So who won?????

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    is that white 2? because you can't get eevee in black and white you can only get it if you trade

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