Need Gastly and beldum Don't have anything to trade.

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    I just started my pokemon black 2 game and I was wondering if someone is kind enough to give me a gastly and Beldum for free? I would greatly appreciate it thank you my friend code is 1078 0095 8049

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    Lucky for you, i have a full box of beldum LV 1 that i was breeding, so i will trade that over to you as soon as possible

    my code is 2409 3009 7092

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    I have a gengar that I could breed, but I am looking for a mudkip or any pokemon within its family. I will jus get then give you the gastly if you want. :D


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    @sokolozo I have a ghastly I can give you. 

    @brandonleasian I have a mudkip, do you happen to have a cyndaquil or todadile or a waterstone?

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