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    Hello i'm looking for a first generation starter.  I prefer Charmander. I don't have much to trade but I will do my what i can to meet trade parameters.  Thanks in advance!

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    I have all or the first gen starters, including charmander. 

    Do you happen to have a rufflet or a vullaby? Or a water stone you are willing to part with?
    If not don't worry, just trade a patrat or something.

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    my charmander request is already filled.  Thanks anyways.  Altho I definetly would not oblige to a squirtle.  I don't think I have any of your requests tho.  My apologies

    Friend Code 0949 1577 1134

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    I have one ready to trade. im going to bed now though but ill be avaliable in about 7 or 8 hours to trade.

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    thats fine i'm in absolutly no rush and maybe by then i'll have one of those items for you

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    ok i'll try and be here in that time

    Friend Code 0949 1577 1134

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    Hey! I'm up, are you free? want to trade now?

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    my apologies something came up.  But I've noted the time and will make myself available at that time today.

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    Ah thats not going to work since i have school. add about add another 7-8 hours onto the time you have for weekdays. but im free pretty much all day for weekends.

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    would have to wait till weekend then because that would mean i would have to stay up till 2 or 3 am my time >.<

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    Ok the weekend it is then!

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