Looking for Dusk Stones and pokemon with Pickup

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    Hello! I'm looking for two dusk stones and I'm also looking for two or three lv. 100 pokemon with the pickup ability, I don't mind if they are hacked or anything since I'm not going online with them or anything. I just want to use them to get rare candies and such.

    I don't have anything too interesting to give in return just assorted pokemon but I'm happy to negotiate. :)

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    I can help you with that. I have a Linoone Lv100, Pachirisu nicknamed Pipa Lv100 and an Ambipom Lv96 with Pickup. If I'm correct Lv91-Lv100 have the same item chance. So, an Ambipom Lv96 with pickup is just about the same as a Lv100 Ambipom. Which Game? Also, I have 4 Dusk stones.

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    I have a dusk stone. PM me if interested

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    @aditaya4wifi that sounds good! :) I won't be able to trade for about a week though. Is there anything specific you would like in return?

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