Giving away Starters and more + Breeding service!

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    Hey there. Im giving away the pokemon i have listed below and im starting a breeding service! if you would like any pokemon i have listed or in my poxdex ( located at the bottom in blue letters) just ask and i will get them to you asap. if you order multiple pokemon it may take a couple hours or a day. i have pokerus that i can give to any pokemon i trade you if you would like that also. if you would like me to breed you pokemon please leave a clean list, and list Abilities and Natures if you care about those. give me time to complete your order =P

    All starters, Scyther, Beldum, Abra, Tyrogue, Tropius, Swabalu, Shuckle, Eevee, Skitty, Zorua,  Pidgey, Phanpy,  Larvesta,  Onix, Togepi, magby, pichu, bagon ( these are pokemon i have ready to trade out  ill update this list as i hatch extras. ) for more check my pokedex at the bottom

    DW pokemon: Open, Machop, Paras, Clamperl, Pineco, Mawile. Check my pokedex for others

    Shiny pokemon: Open, Check my pokedex. ( look at the tabs at the top )


    As for pokemon in return it can be anything! If you would like to help me out though click my pokedex! This will take you to a pokedex list of what i have and dont have, this also lets you view what pokemon i have so you can see if you would like any. For shinys i will need a pokemon that i dont have from my pokedex list :) 

    If i dont answer right away please forgive me. i will get back to your post ASAP or PM me!

    Poxdex is being worked on, if my link doesn't Work please PM me! 

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    are either of the charmander or torchics female? If so I can offer a female chimchar. I just gotta breed it first

    well it was worth a try. I only have pokemon from black and black 2

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    2795 9067 3806 what do you mean by w/e

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    I would like a charmander please! I have a deino and several tynamos. 

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    Hey could i get a charmander? im playing heart gold. let me know what you want to trade for. 

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    i dont think i can trade from black 2 to heart gold :( sorry

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    I would like a charmander I can give you a golem or machamp for it? Or any of the ones you listed. 

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    i would really be thankful if you could give me a piplup and a scizor (and if possible charmander too). i can trade zweilous and sneasel in return

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    Heya, I recently bought pokemon white 2, and i am interested in Scyther and Geodude, would very much appreciate it!

    since i only just started i dont have anything to offer in return tho ><

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    Hey guys! sorry, wasnt feeling to great today so i didint get on tell later. PM me or repost to let me know if your online! i have plenty of pokemon left as well as some i need to add to that list.

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    can i get a Porygon and a Larvatar? c;
    i can get you a Petilil and Conttonee

    Mmm Derp. XD deleted the other pokemon i wanted.
    Tropius and Scizor

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    goin' in now.

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    Hi! Can i get a charmander? any nature would be awesome and i just want a male one :) i could give u a wingull if u want :) 

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    Yay! No worries sir! Im going wait for ya :) and im going to still add u :)


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    Ok see you there!


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    Aw we cant connect with each other :( ill try logging in again

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    Thanks :)

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    U'r welcome and thanks in return :) sorry about the double post tho xD

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    Do you have anymore Squirtles left? :)

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    i dont really have much to offer but if you were feeling generous i would really like a chimchar!

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