What instruments do you play?

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    I have been playing the Piano for about 9 years and the Trumpet since last year. I am currently in my school's Jazz Band with the Piano. If you are wondering what songs I have learned, I have just memorized Moonlight Sonata. (1st Movement)

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    I've been playing guitar for 2 years now, I'm not self taught I have been taking lessons from a jazz guitar student at ANU. I know how to read music, I know the frets on a guitar. learnt how to use Sibelius 7 to compose music.

    Now and again i use Ableton Live 8 to make dance beats and I'm going to learn more about it when I go back to school. 

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    Alright, I'm kidding. I have played the piano since I was 9 maybe. However, I have took a break from it due to university so I have played it for 8ish years before taking that break. Currently in Grade 5 piano.
    I've tried the trombone but I couldn't really use it well so I gave that up. Plus, the band's schedule was really messed up and I was busy. But it was an interesting instrument indeed.
    And finally, the recorder. I still have one but I don't really know any good songs for it except Hot Cross Buns.
    I really want to learn how to play the drums and I want to use the trombone again.

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    A few things.

    1) lolscrafty^ I miss spongebob.

    2) I love new topics in the music forum!

    3) I'm learning the ukulele very slowly, and I like to sing but I'm not too good at it. Other than that, I haven't played any instruments, but I've wanted to play the piano ever since I was little.

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    I play the piano. I taught myself when I was seven. I have a family of twelve children, so I couldn't get piano lessons.

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    I wish I could say I play something, but I don't. I wish I had learned piano as a kid though; I feel like I'll regret not doing so.

    I dabble in FL Studio a little bit, but that's it.

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    trombone- for two years



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    Violin, for about 14 years now.  Some of the repertoire I've learned throughout the years:

    -violin concertos by Sibelius, Mendelssohn, Bruch No. 1, Wienisawski No. 2, Vieuxtemps No. 2, Mozart No. 3-5, Symphonie Espagnole, currently learning Glazunov's
    -Ziguenerweisen by Sarasate
    -all 6 of 6 Sonatas and Partitas by JS Bach
    -Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso by Saint-Saens (I actually performed this at my high school's final orchestra concert my senior year)
    -Praeludium and Allegro by Kreisler
    -Tzigane by Ravel
    -Scene de Ballet by de Beriot

    I'd like to learn the following:
    -violin concertos by Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Beethoven, Berg, Glass, Dvoark, Elgar
    -6 Sonatas for Solo Violin by Ysaye
    -Poeme by Chausson
    -Havanaise by Saint-Saens
    -some other short works I've listened to a lot since I was young, like Salut d'Amour by Elgar

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    Someone should totally make a music theory thread for music noobs or for people who want to know more about music theory.

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    I play the violin. I've been playing it for...4 years now? I'm part of the school orchestra, so it's necessary. When I decided what instrument to play for school, I was stuck between flute and violin. I went towards violin because I wouldn't lose my breath xD. I would play piano, but I don't have time for lessons and buying a piano is expensive. I also play recorder but not that much. I was going to learn how to play guitar, but it...didn't really work out. I sing, although I suck at it. 

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    I can play both the guitar and bass. I can also play a bit of violin and the cups (see the cup beat/game).

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    I learned to play the Keyboard years ago, but it had smaller keys, so I can't play it anymore, and can't afford a new one. So yeah, I play the keyboard. I also own a Guitar, but haven't learned anything about playing it yet.

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    Drums, vocals, bass, and other stuff. Been playing drums for 14 years.

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    Been playing the piano for four years now, going to learn the guitar soon. :)

    EDIT: If vocals are an instrument then I do that too.

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    I am proficient with both the guitar and bass. I am rusty at the violin and I have a desire to venture into keyboards and keytars. :3

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    I played the Clarinet for about 11 years, along with that I learned the bass clarinet and saxophone in high school. And I guess I do a little bit of piano and trumpet (but I am no where near good at it).

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    Violinist here, been playing for about 7 years now, since 5th grade in elementary school.

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    I'm in band as well. I play the Baritone, drums, and a little bit of piano.

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    I played the violin for a couple years but I'm currently playing the viola in school. I can also play the piano (somewhat horribly).

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    I play drums, and since I work on songs and not methods in my classes, I have some songs:

    Fireflies, by Owl City,

    Currently working on Holding Out For a Hero by Bonnie Tyler.

    I haven't been playing for long....

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