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    Generally, when you watch anime, and if you have a choice, do you prefer to watch it Dubbed (in English)? or Subbed (in Japanese with English subtitles)? And why?

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    Dubbed, reading distracts me from seeing everything that's going on, if only slightly. I am going to be majoring in Japanese Studies soon anyways, so I'll be able to watch it without either at some point in the near future.

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    Subbed, because it always feels more "original" to me. Some dubs are pretty terrible too.

    Though, I do normally prefer dubbed for comedy animes, because it just comes across better when you're hearing your own language.

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    Subbed. Same reason as AJ. Some animes sound stupid when I listen to the dubbed version, lol.

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    Well, to me, dubbed actually is in Dutch, not in English, and not in Japanese.

    But I always prefer to watch animé in English, with English subtitles, because it

    helps me understanding the English language.

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    Depends on the anime.

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    Subbed. Quality of American/English voice actors in anime usually just does not match up with the Japanese.


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    Dubbed. Only in very rare occasions do the dubs ever drop below a quality that is unacceptable, and the only reason most people complain about acting quality (when talking about most dubs made after 2000 and especially nowadays), is because they're judging hammy foreign language vs. possibly hammy primary language, the former of which is usually unjudgeable by their language standards. 

    Plus I believe one gets a better experience when watching a dubbed anime when watching a subbed anime, provided quality is unimportant.

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    I normally watch dubs. I really appreciate the effort that American/English actors put into creating the dubbed versions.

    I have watched some shows subbed, though: Ergo Proxy is not dubbed well, despite being from FUNimation.

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    I mostly watch subs because I think most of the original Japanese voices are much better. Also, I like reading subtitles for some awkward reason.

    Though there are some anime that I watch in English, for one of two reasons: 1) The Dub is actually better (e.g. DBZ, IMO the Japanese voices don't suit the characters) 2) The anime feels 'western' to me (e.g. Devil May Cry).

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    I prefer subbed, although somteimes I think dubbed voice actors have more appropriate accents.
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    Most of the time I prefer to watch the original Japanese, so I prefer at least once subbed (I wish I could turn the subtitles off after watching them the first time). I also don't mind watching the dubbed in either English or Spanish (the languages I speak).... main preference is subbed

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    It really depends on what anime I'm watching but for Pokémon I always have it dubbed because I've grown up watching the old episodes but for other animes, I like to watch the subbed versions because it feels more original but the subtitles are so distracting. ;)

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    I don't like watching with subtitles 'cause I don't get to focus on the animation, so I prefer dubbed. It depends really.

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    I prefer watching dubbed anime shows but the amount of enthusiasm the subbed Japanese voice actors have is quite remarkable, when I ever watch a subbed show.



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    Dubbed, cause I'm lazy.

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    I like both but it usually depends on the anime. Ex. Hetalia, I like the English because of how the actors try to have an accent and the jokes that were put in or with Naruto where I'll watch with subs.

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    I used to hate subbed anime. Like had no desire to watch it and didn't want to have to read while watching(mainly because I thought it be hard to keep up with reading what going on and watching) so I stuck with dub for first year or so that I watched anime a lot. Then someone told me about this really messed up anime "School Days" but since it was only subbed I had to watched it subbed. And turns out it wasn't so bad I found it quite easy to read and still be able to pay attention to all the details in the anime. After that I decided to watch Naruto Shippuden subbed because I was dying to see the infamous Naruto vs. Pain fight I've always heard about so I watched it subbed until I was caught up with all the subs and ever since then I've just watched subbed anime and now I find it hard to go back and watched dubbed anime. I think I like that I can now watch all the new anime as it released and the site I watch all my anime on now mainly doesn't do dubbed anime so it easier if I just stick with subs.

    But all in all I do like both subbed and dubbed but I most def. prefer subbed.


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    Subbed since i'm a fast reader but it depends 

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    Subbed. I have always been a sucker for original versions. Since I live in Denmark I am also used to reading subtitles anyway so it doesn't really bother me :) I must also admit that I've fallen in love with the japanese language quite a bit. I would love to learn it one day!
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