The Official Extended Signature Thread - V2

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    Extended signature reservation. :3
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    ~*~*~Kaity's Extended Signature~*~*~
    ~Proud Marriland Moderator since March 1st of 2014.
    ~The Resident Pony of Fabulosity
    ~Proud Leader of Team Elm and The Marriland Bronies (version 2.0)
    ~Proud Co-Leader of the Space Time Rift

    Avatar's and Signatures (Presents!!)
    ~Thanks linguist_2332~
    ~Thank you, SobaPrincess!~
    ~ Thank you, SlipperyBuizel~

    ~Thank you, Rydia~

    ~Thank you Lizzie_Shiro


    ~Thank you Gary_Oak, Minrocks, Alice_Shards, Kyogre386, Eve_The_Dragon_Eevee, Nuuk, _Q2, Zallow,High ~

    ~Sprites made by yours truly~ Want a schmexy sprite? Come here~

    Drawings! (more gifts)

    ~Thank you, Star for the drawing!~

    Mafia V6, Vigilnate, Survived (last townie, scarring), Lost
    Mini Mafia 2.5, Jack of All Trades, It ended, N/A
    Mafia V7, Doctor, Survived, Win
    Mafia V8, Coroner, Killed Night 7, Loss
    Mafia V9, Bus Driver, Killed Night 4, Loss
    Mafia v10(ANON), Mafia Dancer, Dropped Out, Loss
    Mini Mafia v10(Was a Reserve that got to play!), Citizen, Survived, Win
    Mafia v11, Cop, Killed Night 7, Win (Best Night Actions, MVP Mention)
    Mafia v12, Mafia Dancer, Lynched Day 5, Loss
    Fourplay Mafia V3, Executioner, Killed Night 1, Loss
    Fourplay Mafia V4, Janitor, Survived, Win
    Fourplay Mafia V5(ANON), Cult Leader, Killed Night 3, Loss
    Fourplay Mafia V6 (Five Sided Mafia), Godfather, Survived, Win
    Fourplay Mafia V7, Doctor (Cult Recruit), Leader got lynched day 2, commited suicide night 3~

    win/loss/draw 5/8/1

    ~The Marriland Bronies~

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    ~This is the part when I break free, 'cause I can't resist it no more~
    Pokedex Completed On: 7/30/14|Extended Sig|100 Song Face Off
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    Notes: Should go in Rate My One Pokémon
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    Clebby's Marriland Mafia Records

    Main Mafia

    Mafia V4 (Janitor) - Loss
    Mafia V5 (Citizen & Tracker) - Win
    Mafia V6 (Citizen) - Loss
    Mafia V7 (Mortician) - Reserve - Win
    Mafia V8 (Citizen) - Loss
    Mafia V9 (Watcher) - Loss
    Mafia V10 (Coroner) - Reserve - Win
    Mafia V12 (Angel) - Loss
    Mafia V13 (Student/Framer) - Loss
    Mafia V14 (Citizen) - Win
    Mafia V15 (Kidnapper) - Win

    Mafia W/L Ratio: 5:6


    Mini-Mafia V1 (Consigliere) - Win
    Mini-Mafia V3 (Citizen) - Win
    Mini-Mafia V4 (Vigilante) - Loss
    Mini-Mafia V6 (Citizen/Bus Driver) - Loss
    Mini-Mafia V7 (Sheriff) - Win
    Mini-Mafia V9 (Janitor) - Loss
    Mini-Mafia V10 (Mason Leader) - Win
    Mini-Mafia V12 (Dancer) - Loss
    Mini-Mafia V13 (Citizen) - Win
    Mini-Mafia V14 (Dancer) - Loss
    Mini-Mafia V15 (Twin) - Loss

    Mini-Mafia W/L Ratio: 5:6

    Elite Mafia

    Elite Mafia V3 (Citizen/Mason Leader) - Loss
    Elite Mafia V4 (Godfather) - Win

    Elite Mafia W/L Ratio: 1:1

    Unique Mafia

    Unique Mafia V1 - Swiss-Style Murder (Cult Leader) - Loss

    Unique Mafia W/L Ratio: 0:1


    Role Records:

    Town: 16
    Mafia: 5[+1]
    Benign Neutral: 2
    Evil Neutral: 2

    Hosted Games

    Mini-Mafia V2 - Town/Survivor Win
    Mini-Mafia V8 - Town/Student Win
    Unique Mafia V2 - War of Concurrence - Cult/Lover/Sheriff/Jester Win


    Clebby's SC2 Mafia Records

    Forum Mafia

    FM-XXI (Citizen) - Win

    Forum Mafia Record: 1:0

    Mini-Forum Mafia


    Mini-Forum Mafia Record: N/A

    Simple-Forum Mafia

    S-FM 133 (Manufacurist) - Win
    S-FM 134 (Citizen) - Unfinished
    S-FM 135 (???) - Unfinished

    Simple-Forum Mafia Record: 1:0

    Predetermined-Forum Mafia

    P-FM: Lovers (Mafia Lover) - Loss

    Predetermined-Forum Mafia Record: 0:1


    Role Records:

    Town: 3
    Mafia: 1
    Benign Neutral: 0
    Evil Neutral: 0




    Town: 19 (16-3)
    Mafia (Faction 1): 5[+1] (4[+1]-1)
    Mafia (Faction 2): 1 (1-0)
    Benign Neutral: 2 (2-0)
    Evil Neutral: 2 (2-0)


    Award History

    By Award
    Best Reserve (2) - Mafia V7; Mafia V10
    Best Citizen (1) - Mafia V8
    Night 2 Death Streak (1) - Mafia V9
    Evil Genius (3) - Mafia V13; Mini-Mafia V9; Unique Mafia V1
    MVP (2) - Mini-Mafia V7; Elite Mafia V4
    Best Night Actions (2) - Mini-Mafia V12; Unique Mafia V1
    Best Town Member (1) - Mini-Maifa V14
    Best Day Play (1) - Unique Mafia V1
    Best Reads (1) - FM-XXI

    By Game
    Mafia V7 - 1
    Mafia V8 - 1
    Mafia V9 - 1
    Mafia V10 - 1
    Mafia V13 - 1
    Mini-Mafia V7 - 1
    Mini-Mafia V9 - 1
    Mini-Mafia V12 - 1
    Mini-Mafia V13 - 1
    Elite Mafia V4 - 1
    Unique Mafia V1 - 3
    FM-XXI - 1

    Total Award Count: 14

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    Failure is the root of confidence.
    Mafia Records
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    NocturneGale's Extended Signature

    About Me

    Name: Lucas
    State: Pennsylvania
    Favorite Color: Dark Blue
    Favorite Food: Ice Cream
    Favorite Game: I have no clue.

    Mafia Records

    Main Series

    • Version 5: Mortician (Win)
      --The game that shall not be spoken of. I sucked, badly.
    • Version 6: Lawyer [A Tribe Called Quest] (Loss)
      --My Lawyering was terrible but I lasted until the end somehow.
    • Version 7: Citizen (Don't know... I think win)
      --Night one kill because "why not". I stopped following the game after that.
    • Version 9: Veteran (Loss)
      --I sucked badly partially due to life circumstances and partially because I hadn't played Mafia in a while.
    • Version 11: Serial Killer (Loss)
      --Got screwed over by the Mafia's Looker, but other than that wasn't bad.
    • Version 12: Kidnapper [Flare] (Loss)
      --Straight out crossfired by the other Mafia because of Consigliere results.

    Win To Loss Ratio: 1:2
    ---I've been Town only three times?! Holy crap.

    MiniMafia Series

    • Version 6: Punisher (Loss)
      --I hate the Punisher role, just saying.
    • Version 7: Drug Dealer (Loss)
      --I hate you Clebby. Just... no.
    • Version 8: Executioner (Loss)
      --Speaking of roles I hate, meet Executioner!
    • Version 10: Survivor [Improvised Reserve] (Loss)
      --I was an improvised replacement for Finnick. Unfortunately he was so suspicious I got Vigilante'd that very night.
    • Version 12: Godfather (Loss)
      --I lost. Not quite sure how to say anything else... a bit inactive I suppose.
    • Version 13: Kidnapper (Loss)
      --Heh... heh... Watcher... of course...

    Win to Loss Ratio: 0:6
    ---Holy crap... I've never been Town in a MiniMafia... and I've lost a lot...

    Hosted Games

    • MiniMafia V2: Went inactive partway through the game and abandoned it.
    • Junior Mafia V3: Went fine. Had an amusing end.
    • MiniMafia V11: Liked the role selection and such for this one.
    • Elite Mafia V4: Holy crapsicle why are all my games so inactive >.< Otherwise known as the "Silent Game"

    More to come in this Extended Signature


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    Previously AlphaHydreigon
    Previously Blazikenomega

    Credit to Rydia

    A Game Of Favor
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    Is mafia records now a thing??? Reserving anyways.
    ^Credit to Thundawave <3^
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    ~PokeEpic's Extended Signature~ because 60000 characters are better than 512

    My Favorite Pony (yay):

    Proud Brony since 19th January 2014!

     Past sigs/avis (the nostalgia guys, THE NOSTALGIA!)


    These are the sigs/avis I first came to Marriland on. This were made before I got Photoshop, I used... MS Paint for these ones. (As an idiot, I didn't backup the avi but the sig survived.)


    Now... let's flashfoward to January 2014, I wanted a new sig and avi. I saw Rumi's graphic shop and I thought that she made beautiful sigs and avis so I requested him/her for these graphics. (and thank princess celestia i found both easily this time.)

    Now, with my next sig and avi, I actually decided to make it myself but this time I used Photoshop CS6! YAY! 

    Next, I decided to make a sig/avi for Kanto, so here it is!

    About 2 months later (because I went back to the sig before the kanto sig) I decided to change it again, well enough talking, here it is!

    This is a sig and avi made by Katey. THEY ARE AWESOME!


    Pokemon games I played (to show how much of a pro I am):

    Pokemon Diamond

    Pokemon HeartGold

    Pokemon White

    Pokemon X

    Pokemon Y (yes, both versions) :P

    Super Pokemon Rumble 


    Cartoons I'm currently into: (BECAUSE THEY'RE AWESOME!)


    Family Guy

    The Simpsons

    American Dad!

    My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    Bob's Burgers

    South Park


     Cartoons I want to get into (because they look cool):

    Gravity Falls 

    Powerpuff girls 2014 special









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    "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."
    Southern Island|PCT|AMA|I ♥ these people|YouTube
    Sig and avi by me!
    Skype: mikey88772gaming
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    Put your spoiler here.





    Poke empire



     My club



    By rarity

    By Vee2


    By rocket


     My shop

     Both club and shop banner by Slippery buizel








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    bc im bored im gonna put up all my mafia awards even tho its not much. Might add my mafia records/W-L ratio too later.

    Mafia Awards
    Mini Mafia V3: Most Clueless (Vigilante) Was my first game and had no clue what I was doing.
    Mini Mafia V4: Evil Genius (Serial Killer) The day I was lynched this game was the last day of the game. If I had survived that day, I would have won the game. Impressive achievement for my second game.
    Mini Mafia V6: Least Useful (Bus Driver) I got MK'd this game due to not posting at all in the day.
    Mini Mafia V9: Best Citizen (Citizen) Contributed significantly more than the other Citizens.
    Mini Mafia V11: Unfortunate Victim (Twin) The Sheriff investigated me in the exact same night that my partner Twin was killed.
    Mini Mafia V13: MVP (Citizen) Got MVP due for best day play.
    Mafia V12: Best Night Actions (Sheriff) I found scum literally every night.
    Mafia V13: MVP (Citizen) Was the most dangerous threat to the Mafia, and far more productive than anybody else in the whole game.
    Mafia V13: Best Citizen (Citizen) Got both MVP and Best Citizen for reason said above.

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    Mabel_Pines's Extended Signature!
    ~About Me~
    Not much to say here. o.0 I'm a HUGE fan of Pokemon, (duh)Gravity Falls, (another duh) and Sonic the Hedgehog (I really don't play it, but I like reading about it and such.) I plan to stay on Marriland awhile, I have at least a bit of free time every night after school. I'm very shy IRL, I only have/want 2 or 3 close friends.

    ~Funny Stuff~
    The perfect Image for any song:
    What is this?

    ~Stuff I think people should know~
    I live on EST timezone. I'm always one hour ahead of Marriland's time on posts and stuff.
    I'm a girl. :p
    (I'll add more later, I don't know.)


    Pokemon 101
    SnowClan, The Warriors Fan Club


    ~Sprites, Avatars, and goodies!~
    This was my first Avi, back when I was TheShiningEspeon.
    From failed MM for shiny Sableye.
    This is when I realized I loved Gravity Falls with an undying passion.
    This was something fun I tried. I had this Avi when I changed my username.
    To match the location Sweater Town.
    Current Avi. :D Just a Mabel Gif.

    Thank you so much, Vee2! Also used as an Avi by me for a little bit.
    Scrafty! :D
    (More to come soon!)
    ~Links That might not fit~
    My AMA

    That's All For Now!!!!!
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    ~Thank you, Lizzie!~
    ~Extended Sig,My Gravity Falls fan club~
    Once again, I am off Marriland for doing stupid things. Click here to follow my White 2 nuzlocke on Google Drive.
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    ~Extended Sig~

    1. I'm a guy :P
    2. I love Pokémon(well duh), Minecraft(on youtube!), and MLP:FiM(bronyyyyy)
    3. Fav pony- DASHIE <3333333
    4. Fav Poketuber-tie between Marriland and HoodlumScrafty
    5. Fav Minecrafter- tie between all members of TeamCrafted, and CraftBattleDuty
    6. Fav youtube MLPer- Omgodds (dem parodies doe)

    Pony Personality Test Result:

    Awww yeeeeahh it was destiny!


    Various LOL inducing gifs: 

    Sunshine, sunshine, ladybugs awake; clap your hooves and...

    The Iron Will Shuffle

    Demonic Sparkle


     She came in like a wrecking ball!


    Have no fear ponies. i have full confidence that you will be able to defeat Discord with these...

    Today's the day we're all gonna get our cutie marks in.....GANGNAM STYLE.

    I happen to know for a fact that Applejack*I WILL END YOU* watched Winona

    Pinkie Pie Rimshot


    Party Fever

    Twily, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza is Cadance! Processing... *Gasp* As in THE Cadance?!


    PC Clubs I'm currently in!:


    ^ Made by Klave

    ^Made by PrincessLuna




    You are the king of memes."

    ~Caysapferg 2/24/14

     Basic Brony To English Translating Dictionary:

    In the name of Celestia/thank Celestia-in the name of god/thank god




    Bits-Dollars, or other currency

    Filly-young girl

    Colt-young boy

    Mare-Adult Female


    Hay-what ponies sometimes eat, or a euphemism for ****

    Mane-Hair on the head and neck of a pony 

    Loco in the Coco-Insane

    Favorite MLP fanfics/creepypastas:

    1. My Little Dashie (BEST 5EVA)


     2. Rainbow Factory (creepy but awesome story nonetheless) I'd rather not link this one as it contains a few swears and plenty of gore.

    Warning, the picture's gorey-ish. But still PG imo. PG-13 at the very most. Just unexpectedly creepy.

    In the Rainbow Factory, where all your fears and horrors come true. In the Rainbow Factory, where not a single soul gets through.


    That's it for now!


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    Of course you lost. I'm awesome!

    AMA|~Extended Sig~|Paws and Claws Tribe|The Southern Island

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    Okay, the time has come. HERE IS MY EXTENDED SIG!

    I give credits for my avi: Link

    Just in case all you stalkers want to know more about me, here you go!
    ~I am 12
    ~I prefer cats
    ~I sing, write songs, and play piano (might attach me singing sometime, probs not)
    ~I am a RPer. Don't play mafia, too many rules...
    ~Don't want to include avis and sigs, if you knew me long enough, you would have seen them. ;)
    ~My username comes from A$AP Ferg. My name is cay. Pun very much intended.

    Clubs I'm in:



    Don't Hug Me I'm Scared

    Gravity Falls, for those of you who don't know ;)

    Quote from Rarity
    There is such a thing as friend PB&J....? O_O

    Quote from theshinycelebi
    FRIEND PB and J you say? ohohohoho

    Quote from Tentacruel
    1 and she's still a trashbag

    Quote from theshinycelebi

    Quote from Silphy

    Quote from Caysapferg »

    Quote from MrBulbs
    I never sing. Especially in front of people. I'm too self-conscious. I've never tried songwriting, but creative writing is more my thing, I can do that decently. I feel that if I write songs, that they would be written too deep from my feelings, and I can't have anyone seeing that.
    Creating songs are just like creating rhyming poetry. Even though creative writing and songwriting are two different things, it is relatively easy if you can write poetry. And I play piano as well.

    Lyrics aren't the hard part. It's coming up with a melody... Anybody can write a song about what they're feeling right now.
    I'm on the forums...
    I'm on the forums.
    I think I'll lurk.
    Even though I have,
    A ton of work.
    I'm typing this sentence.
    I should really do my math.
    I'm looking up on Google,
    For a rhyme for "math".
    I'm slacking off!
    I'm slacking off!
    I'm slacking off right now!
    I should probably look,
    Into reading that book.
    But my neighbor's music's loud.
    Wonder if that is allowed...
    Now I just sneezed twice.
    It sounded weird.
    I don't know I should--Oh, look.
    My roommate's here.
    And I don't want to,
    Reveal any secrets,
    So I'll just refer,
    To my roommate as "it".
    It's wondering.
    It's wondering.
    It's wondering why.
    Why am I listening,
    To some random guy sing?
    Now I just thought of some pie.
    In that corner,
    there's a fly...
    I'm sitting here!
    Just sitting here!
    I'm sitting here right now!
    I should probably study,
    For that test Monday.
    But I see it's getting dark out!
    Now I'm tired of trying to rhyme.
    Really wish I read that book...

    Quote from D0GE
    Ask the one and only, Insane, Character Creating, RPing, Artistic, Dreaming, Obsessive, Stupid, Insane (Did I already Say that?), D0GE/Sack ANYTHING you want! Only for a limited time~ And by a limited time I mean FOREVER. So yeah, please actually bother to ask me junk. I'll answer anything.

    Quote from WinterRSE

    What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and Miley Cyrus was twerking on you and you were locked in your room and your window was blocked and Ash was trying to battle your favorite stuffed animal and Justin Bieber was singing "Baby" in your room? (I JUST WANT TO KNOW)

    Quote from SetsunaFSeiei
    Now you look like you're...11...Kaity....

    Quote from ShinyUmbreon

    Quote from DanishPie

    Hello! I'm back! The 1000th post is a symbol of activity and also a great milestone.
    @Lucas - (Yes! I finally got your name!) My day went fine, I really didn't do anything out of the ordinary. :P
    @Tracie - Aww, I wanted to make the first banner! >_<
    @Ace - In my school, you can get warnings for having long and beautiful hair(unless you're a girl, that is)
    We have to pray every single moment and we have masses almost every single day.

    It can also signify the user spammed their first 500 posts.

    Quote from Fluttershy
    Quote from _Q2
    Quote from Sylvia
    Let me let you in on a little secret Clebby. Club =//= Large Country.

    In a way, it does. You're essentially looking at a small-scale form of a continent in this forum. Each club represents its own country, which means people are going to be appointed to positions no matter what. I don't think you realize that.

    But really guys (and by guys I basically mean Sylvia) let's think about this for a second. Sure the whole "Thunda is a dictator and the other leaders are her servants" angle is funny, but in reality it's nothing like that. In fact, none of the leaders really do much because there isn't much to be done. We as a club are probably the least eventful in terms of rule breaking activity (can't find any kind of synonym for that.) We have some of the most well behaved members, and it's kind of hard for leaders to enforce rules that aren't being broken. And when a rule is broken in the club, it's usually a forum rule, and Moderators are in charge of enforcing forum rules. All of our leaders happen to be Mods. So it's less "dictator and loyal servants casting their shadow over the oppressed club members,: and more "Moderators doing their job." And in all honesty I don't think there's much of a reason to have any other Leaders, because the Leader corps we have now does an effective job on their own; again because our club is well behaved. What would an extra Leader bring to the table? Not much. In fact, if my former leadership is anything to go by, they'll probably feel somewhat left out.

    I hope that clears things up for you guys (Sylvia.)

    Quote from theshinycelebi
    dat in depth analysis doe

    Here's a list of my references:
    Barbie's Back = Nicki Minaj, It's Barbie, *****.
    Cake cake cake cake cake cake = Rihanna, Birthday Cake
    More to come!

    Here's the link to my new Wedlocke!

    If you want to contact me, my Skype name is cailan560.

    That's it for now!
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    extended sig updated 2/13/14
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    ~Extended Sig~

    About Me

    I'm a guy, and I love stuff like Pokémon(why else am I here?), Minecraft, Digimon, Mario, Legend of Zelda, Mega Man, and Sonic the Hedgehog. I like ice cream and chips, as well as chocolate. I live in California in USA.

    Pokémon games I played/didn't play

    Green: Yes;Red: No










    Fire Red

    Leaf Green




    Heart Gold

    Soul Silver



    Black 2

    White 2



    Pokémon Ranger

    Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

    Yeah, I totally need to play some Gen 4 :P

    Avatars and all that good stuff

    First Avatar, back when I was UmbreonUser45(Creative Name, isn't it?)

    Image removed due to its file extension:
    Second Avatar, I had it for a short time when Dedenne was revealed.

    Third Avatar, wherever it is :P

    avatarFourth Avatar, made by Rumi

    avatarFifth avatar, Cute Pichu~ Current Avatar

    Others coming soon~

     Gonna be updating this some other time~







    You cheat when you are caught doing it. Otherwise, you are just using a different way to help you win.

    Credit to Rumi for avatar!


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    Reserving :3

    Credit to Lizzie_Shrio! Click it!


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    Aye yo, dis ya boi Jake.

    Hai, I'm Jake. Or Jacob. Or tentacruel. or sly.. But anyways, i'm a 19 year old college student who thought he knew what he wanted to do, but realizes he doesn't. 8D I've pokemoned for over a decade and I've played since gen 1. I THINK I played before generation 3 came out. :D Silver version and 2nd gen are my favorite. Tentacruel is my favorite pokemon over all. Caterpie is my favorite shiny over all. Lugia is my favorite legendary over all. I think that's enough. :D

    If you wanna get to know me, you can PM me here or add me on Skype. My skype name is Slypenguin94 c:

    My favorite game at the moment is League of Legends. I play on NA server with the summoner name slypenguin. I'm level 30 and got placed in Bronze 3 (lol) but I haven't played ranked after my provisionals because I like to play for fun.

    I have a club called Team Aqua. It may or may not look dead. Activity is nice, but I don't enforce heavily active posting habits in order to be a member there.


    Team Z
    The Pokemon Of Hoenn
    Dark Moonlight
    Lucky Star Club
    Blazers United
    Perfect Harmony

    Team Aqua
    Team Elm

    Mafia stuffs:
    MMV8: Spy - Win
    LightSide Mafia 3: Investigator - Loss
    MV12: Bus Driver - Win

    I'll do more later.

    "Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top."

    AMAFor New Members

    Made by Lizzie c:
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    About Me

    ★ Name: Tracie
    ★ Nicknames: You can just call me Tracie. Luna works, too :p
    ★ I'm a girl :p
    ★ I like drawing, playing Pokemon, roleplaying, graphic design, reading, writing... The list can go on and on xD
    ★ My skype is liepard4428, just be sure to tell me who you are when you add me~
    ★ I'm a proud anime fan, furry, brony, and fangurl c:
    My DeviantArt
    ★ My favorite color is purple~

    Past Banners

    ^Made by Brian^

    ^Made by me^

    ^Made by me^

    ^Made by me^

    ^Made by me^

    ^Made by me^

    ^Made by Lizzie^

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    Aipom Audino Eevee
    Currently Breeding : Furfrou (112 Eggs)
    The Southern Island|Paws and Claws Tribe|Nuzlocke|Weekly Poll

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    About me:
    ✖ Name: Lizbeth
    ✖ Nickname: Lizzie, Liz
    ✖ Female
    ✖ 22 years old
    ✖ Hobbies: Pokemon, graphic design, reading, and drawing
    ✖ Currently reading: A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin
    Lizzie's Interrogation Room
    ✖ 3DS FC: 0361-7636-5850
    ✖ Skype: liz.tsuki

    Masuda Method Projects
    Successful: 0

    On hold: 1
    Shiny Eevee ✖ [350 eggs so far]
    [ 6IV ✖ Egg moves: Wish/Charm/Covet/Synchronoise ]

    Currently breeding ~ Project 02
    ✖ [0 eggs so far]
    [ 6IV ✖ Egg moves: Double Kick/Hypnosis/Morning Sun/Low Kick]

    Next 7 projects

    Clubs I'm in
    The Reading Club
    The Breeders Club
    Blue Moon ~ Ready to shine
    The Distortion World

    My banner shop~

    My sprite shop~
    [ Soon ]

    My trade shop~
    [ Soon ]

    My giveaway~
    [ Soon ]
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    Sigs and sprites others have generously made for me:

    By Lizzie_Shiro:





    By TheAfroNinja:


    Completed games:

    • The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 

     Currently playing:

    • Disney Magical World
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    Well, here's my extended sig (if you can call it that)

    • Name (REAL Name): Brandon
    • Age: 18, turning 19 in August
    • I'm male
    • I like playing video games (a bit too much, I think)
    • I play Trombone in an orchestra
    • Favourite TV Series: Game of Thrones & Doctor Who
    • Favourite Book Series: A Song of Ice & Fire by George R.R. Martin
    • ASoIaF status: Read through the 5 books once each, waiting for Winds of Winter
    • Favourite Video Game Franchises: Zelda, Pokemon (obviously), Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Sonic, Elder Scrolls, Assassin's Creed, Smash Bros., Kirby
    • Games I've been playing lately: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Zelda: Oracle of Seasons & Ages, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Game of Thrones Ascent, Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney
    • Games I'm waiting for: Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D (come on Nintendo!), Assassin's Creed Unity
    • Pokemon games I have: Platinum, White, White 2, SoulSilver, Y, Gates to Infinity

    My Threads (That are still alive)

    Avatar & Banner were made by the amazing Lizzie_Shiro! (See attachments, because I did this in BBCode, & I can't be bothered uploading them to imgur)
    • Marriland Avatar
    • Marriland Signature
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