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This Post Was Deleted Because...

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    You know how you can now delete your posts now and make messages on why you deleted them. Well, here you can do that without deleting yourposts. Heck, you can even make it something silly.

    1. Put THOUGHT into your deletions. Nothing like This Post Was Deleted Because It Just Did. Put thought into it. Have Pikachu zap it or something.
    2. It is recommended to keep a chat going. If there is no conversation going on this will become a static rule.

    That's it, start your deletions today!

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    Wait.. so your recommending we post... then delete that... and make a message when we delete them.

    Why don't we just put that message there in the first place :/


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    If you don't know, here is an example.

    This post was deleted because it is an example.

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    So this post was deleted because I had Meloetta destroy it?

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    This post was deleted because that is how you do it.

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    This post was deleted because Giratina hates me(I mean the Pokemon, not the forum member).

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    This post was deleted because my avy used water gun on it. 

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    Everyone's posts has been deleted by the World Government.

    Also because this game feels a lot like You're Banned, and we don't exactly have a need for two very similar games.

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