Halo: Reach Bungie Flames Being Made Public

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    As some of you may now, Bungie Day is on July 7th, if you are a member of Bungie.net you can get some blue flames on that day, or something not entirely sure, or if you have a smartphone which can scan those barcode thingers you can get blue flames now by going on the game a pop up will appear saying stuff about it. Also in other Halo news a prototype Halo 4 over has been released and Halo: Anniversary is nearing. Pretty ecited right now. I imagine that the blue flames are to try getting people playing Reach over Anniversary seeing as they have the same game engine and 343 is in harge of it, while Bungie no longer has to do with Halo for the most part. Some kind of ploy or something but cool for now.
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    And here I was thinking that all you needed was to use the Bungie/Halo application on your iWhatever device (iTouch, iPad, iPhone) and link it to your account.
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    Halo reach sucks
    I pwn
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    Don't post pointless insults.
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