Yes, yet another NFS thread by me

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    Yes, I'm late, but seriously.
    Just got it a week ago, and so far it's the best NFS game I've seen yet in terms of scenery.

    The vehicles look nice too. I've been playing for a bit and let me say, it's the best NFS game I've played. It's fun, and I especially like crushing the SCPD.

    Being a cop is also pretty fun too, especially the fact you get the crash the most expensive cars in the world, and another plus to me is the Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

    I've always wanted to drive one of those cars in an NFS game. It's pretty cool that you get to test drive some cars that you'll earn in the future (such as my favorite, the Koenigsegg ;p).

    I've only gotten as far as the Jaguar in racer, and the Corvette Z06 in cop mode. What do you think about this game? Tell me. ;-;

    Best to remember it's just a game. Don't take this game seriously. ;)

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    Now if only you'd told us which Need For Speed game you were referring to.

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    I hate when I forget things like that. ._.

    NFS Hot Pursuit for the Xbox 360.

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