Operation Racoon City

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    This game seems to be so very demonized bycritics for being...well...NOT CoD, but at the same time being a lot like CoD.
    Personally, I really like the game.
    The campaign just got its first free DLC boost for the Spec Ops, which is very nice.
    The characters are all rather unique, have some nice abilities (although...the recon and assult only have 1 ability you'll ever use).

    Anyway, I'm not going to get into the stupidity that is the IGN "review", and use that term lightly, seeing as most of the complaints can easily be applied to CoD and Halo games, but I'll just say this: Take the reviews with a few grains of salt. The reviews do have a point, but...the complaints are a bit...misleading, in that most are a bit exaggerated.

    But whatever...if you have the game, who do you play as, and why?

    I'm probably a bit of an odd ball, but I prefer the Field Scientist. A very nice support character than is probably the only decently viable defense to a Super Soldier with attraction pheramone.
    Plus, taking control of a Mr X or a Bandersnatch is always a good thing.
    If only Barry were in the game, it would be epic.

    One last thin: In a biohazard match I had recently, the G virus glitched and said "G_virus_pick-up_Disabled" and didn't allow either team to pick it up.
    My friends and I thought the opponents were hacking, because of that, TERRIBLE lag (took my 5 seconds to toss a frag grenade), and my friends game crashing with 5 seconds left, giving the enemy medic first place.
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    Ill be honest. Online multiplayer is horrendous for this game. the campaign was only decent for one play through.
    They have failed completely as the resident evils pass Resident Evil Nemisis. they just havent been able to maintain the legacy.
    The first game was awe inspiring and so were the following 2 games. Code Veronica wasnt that bad. but other than that they all fail.

    Raccoon city had some good perks but the bad outweighs. it doesnt feel like resident evil. all these added effects like that blood lust thing that sends zombies mental. i hated it.
    I liked the look of Nemisis. but they changed his voice. he sounded pretty whimpy.
    and was far to easy to kill. they based a whole game around this bad boy and you bring him down in a short 5 minute bullet brawl in raccoon city.

    I guess i like Vector.
    But thats about it.
    Im still waiting for them to bring someone with a true resident evil feel to it.
    HOPEFULLY Resident Evil 6 will save the day!
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