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    I've gotten these codes so far.  Anyone have different NA version codes they want to share?

    2C3YJ43F - All Protect Orb
    KQM4W3H2 - Gold Scope
    P326J5WX - Joy Ribbon
    JTN34N92 - Joy Seed
    MFN89K9X - 3 Reviver Seeds

    XN83N4W6 - 3 Reviver Seeds

    5PMHM339 - Golden Seed


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    I go thru twitter and these people may be putting up codes this is where I watch.  @Pokemon We’ve got a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity password for you  today! Enter this in Wonder Mail to get a Golden Seed: 5PMHM339!

    I see the codes were mentioned already sorry. though ill keep a look out on twitter for more.


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    Please share with us as you find more

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    Here's one everyone kQM4w3H2, and its gold scope

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    Dude, that one was already posted

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    ya im looking for joy and gold seeds ill need help


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    Found these on nintendo's news post, Nintendo of Canada Facebook page, EB Games Canada Facebook page

    Item name: Fighting Gift
    Password: JMK5MFKS
    Item name: Joy Seed
    Password: 8P868TP7
    Item name: Iron
    Password: 8W7TNK36
    Item name: Protein
    Password: K93YR926
    Item Name: Sitrus Berry
    Item Name: Fire Gift
    Item Name: PP Manual
    Item Name: Reviver Seed
    Item Name: Blue Key

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    All Protect Orb 2C3YJ43F  
    All Strength Stone   5SFPHSF5
    Axew   HK3JHWW9
    Blue Key NPWRWH8Q MS2NT2N5
    Calcium   54M765Y6
    Co-Operation Scarf   P3N9FNSK
    Dark Gift   NP529KP5
    Dragon Gift TY2XTMNP P5HK562S
    Effort Flag   HK3JHWW9
    Electric Gift   4JYYK242
    Fighting Gift   T8WJYJK3
    Fire Gift x1 W3KCMQMP JQ3Q3T29
    Ghost Gift   8TSMFYP6
    Gold Ribbon x1 7F3CJ9FP Q2TWS8M9
    Gold Scope KQM4W3H2  
    Gold Seed x1 5PMHM339 W4KRK4XH
    Grass Gift   6NW2R75W
    Green Key   H37Y9K5N
    Ground Gift   XH4233YF
    Happy Ribbon   RMS2MHMW
    Healthy Orb   9PRJ7WQX
    Ice Gift   R2YC2RQH
    Iron 8W7TNK36 4S9PJQP2
    Joy Ribbon x1 P326J5WX  
    Joy Seed x1 JTN34N92 or
    Life Seed   SQJX25FR
    Lottery Ticket   4CHS8MN4
    Never Deceived Flag   CQP342QH
    Never Sleep Flag   SP38XJ35
    Normal Gift   RQRPM92J
    Oran Berry   STS6YCW5
    Paralysis Prevention Flag   C646T5CK
    Poison Prevention Flag   2HN9KXHF
    Oshawott JTN34N92 2HN9KXHF
    Pikachu 2C3YJ43F C646T5CK
    Power Secret   4MJ7XP8K
    PP Manual x1 6SM86QY3 Y978TS4Y
    Protein x1 K93YR926 62S6Q4YN
    Psychic Gift M676YKQN 8S3M4JHK
    Recover Ribbon   W68NKMFQ
    Red Key   S3TH8HM8
    Revival Seed x3 MFN89K9X,
    KQ5ST45X or
    Rock Gift   K7969XM8
    Silver Lottery   85RH84P4
    Sitrus Berry x1 NT6MYXRQ WFK2W6NJ
    Slumber Orb   XF8TX5HS
    Snivy P326J5WX SP38XJ35
    Steel Gift   6W9XNM9N
    Tepig MFN89K9X CQP342QH
    TM - Return   8RC84HYC
    Violent Seed   863Y3SQC
    Zinc   WS2M275T
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    Boo-Yah! Finally I find out what Wonder Mail is for! And now, finally, I can beat Munna's gang near the end of the game! I've died about 5 times on it :/ Oh well.

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    Errrr......... What?

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    kscott do you have the 3ds version because if you do i'm doing the golden seed code and it's not working.

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    yes i have the 3ds version. try re-entering the code because i've not had any problems and i used the same code for my friend's game and it worked.

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    kscott I just did the code 59MHM339 for the golden seed and it said "The password entered is not valid."

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    I tried all the codes, not a single one works for me.

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    Charizard hey  guys!! I'm from the uk and got the game on 17 (when came out) but there doesn't seem 2 b a wonder mail generator/codes place!!! Plz help me.  




    Remember it's not Japan or America, it's England! Tnx 2 the guys that help!!

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    I have entered quite a few Wonder Mail passwords, including the ones from Victini's V-Spin Dungeon, and all of them was supposedly "not valid". Can anyone help me please?

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    I have the same problem, none of the codes posted here on the forum or from Victine V spin Dungeon work, they are all not valid. At least the ones gotten from the Official Pokemon Site should be valid, so what is wrong

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    ok, I tried all the codes and they work for me with no issues (I have the NA version). If these codes aren't working for you, try this site, it has codes for NA and JP version:  http://www.cheatcc.com/3ds/pokemonmysterydungeongatestoinfinitycheatscodes.html#.UZ3RDm-TjX8

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    Soz kscott40, 


    i have engilish version and north a codes dont work.. Nor do the Japan ones..

    tnks 4 trying tho :)


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    This may be a weird question to ask here, considering this is wonder mail codes, but i'm still asking anyway. I have recently seen gold glitter, similar to the blue glitter yielding certain items. I want to know what it is because when I walk over it, nothing happens. I want it explained how I use this.

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