Worst Part of the Remakes?

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    If you've played Fire Red and Leaf Green and also the 3 originial games, then you probably know what you liked best and worst about the new games.

    Is there anything you didnt like about the remakes? i personally hated the pokedex, i thought it was hard to navigate. also, the new games dont bring the same feel to when you played the original ones.

    Post what you liked best and worst about the remakes


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    To be honest, I loved the remakes of red and blue.

    I like how they've kept most of the game original and added new features that were actually "cool" rather than add pointless crap such as a tiny bit of snow in one area.

    I also like the new features on the town map and the pokédex. They're nothing important, but they make the game a little more enjoyable.
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    I actually liked the newer versions much better than the old ones.

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    Never played the old ones but love the remakes, I always liked the original 150 better then the rest
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    They added in that stupid national dex rule, so Mewtwo isn't as easily obtained.

    Not to mention they got rid of MissingNo. a plus in my opinion.
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    i liked 1st the graphic, second the pokemons naure so updates of gen 3
    and that it weren't so so glitchy (like you cut a tree then stand the place of the cuted tree.save the game. reset then see what you got.lolz)
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    I am NOT a fan of the Trainer battle music. It doesn't have the same feeling you get from Red and Blue. It really doesn't.

    Plus idk if anybody else noticed or not but If you trade with Ruby or Saphire, The sprites for May/Brendon look short fat and just really stupid. It completly KILLED them.

    But honestly, i would totally rather play FR/LG then i would R/B.
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    i there are things what you don't like in FR/LG
    but in R/B... there are many things what you don't like
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    I like the remakes better in general, it's just the music that was weak in my opinion. :S
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    Pallet Town was good though. And the S.S. Anne music was good too, because in R/B it was really fast and annoying. The remake it was perrrty.
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    Was it me or does the design look all square-ish in these ones? Also, I found the whole 'lets stick any TMs you use to your pokemon's face' thing kinda annoying after a while, as humourous as it is the first few times, even though you can skip it, it's still pretty pointless...

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    Probably the fact that you can no longer catch mew >=(

    It would of been cool of Nintendo to throw in the glitch, just to make a smile on some of the hard core gamers.
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    I love how you can catch the Legendary Dogs plus other non Khanto region pokemon. What i hate about it is uhmm...........yea dont hat eanything about it.
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    i wanted to get all three legendary dogs and i wanted it to have a version exclusive pokemon but you can get on both games
    like g/s
    ho-oh is version exclusive but avaliable on silver too
    also i want more legendarys

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    I really didn't think it satisfied my nostalgia, to be honest. As in, inwardly I was wishing it was more like the originals. Of course, this isn't a real problem with it, as obviously it "had" to have better graphics.

    Also... the music remixes didn't sound as cool as the originals.

    And like the originals, there wasn't enough to do once you officially finish the game. As in, once you catch Mewtwo. Whereas in the more recent games you can at least try to defeat all of the Frontier Brains and do other stuff. Which leads to...

    Not enough new stuff. There was only a bunch of new islands, and being able to fight a more powerful Elite Four.
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    Fire Red and Leaf Green both had pros and cons

    It did have good graphics and the battle sequence was cool. But I agree that the pokedex was quite lame.

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    I, personally like them, except one thing bugs me.
    On the top of the store where u buy a girl a drink, you got ice beam, now you get like return or sumthing!
    There are nore examples.
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    I did play the origionals, and I do like the remakes a tad more. They gave charmander metal claw so brock didn't stomp all over you, which was nice. Misty was not so nice, both of her monsters having recover, on top of healing items she uses, sucked.

    Really the thing I liked most about it was the redone type system from G/S/C forward. In the old games, if it wasn't Psychic, it was crap. The Psychic type was poorly balanced. This time around there was a reason to choose other types.

    I do miss the bizzaro missingno, as deep down I really wanted to see a gen 3 sprite of him, even as a poster for a joke. THe pokedex was a bit cumbersome, and I really didn't like how Gyrados went from being found in one lake in Fuchia to everywhere. I played with the sound off most of the time, so the battle music went unnoticed.
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    The made Ninetales worse! As you can see by the name I love Ninetales. But they made its stats much worse in the remakes. :x
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    the only thing I didnt like was the music in this game. everything else was great, and play as Red again was just awesome.
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