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    So how many people here like to pick their old Red/Blue version and do the Missingno. glitch?
    I do. 'Tis fun owning the elite four with a team of odd leveled Missingno. with odd movesets, odd stats and the Pokemon that Missingno. "evolve" into.
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    I did that and it completely eff'd up my Hall of Fame thing, but thats okay. I laughed on how it evolved into Kanghaskhan.

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    I thought it was cool how you could surf and find Missingo, Snorlax, and Charizard on Cinnabar Island =D

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    People can find it on Bulbapedia, but I sometimes like to use my mind.
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    I used it to max out master balls and rare candies.

    I like you, Mew!!
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    Quote from Luna Tro »

    I used it to max out master balls and rare candies.

    This is what I used it for, mostly. I've never had the guts to capture it.
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    Quote from Devilman »

    Quote from Luna Tro »

    I've never had the guts to capture it.

    As a hardcore gen I fan, I would have to second this statement. I can't even tell you how many times I maxed out my rare candies and master balls using that glitch, but EVERY SINGLE TIME i ran away. i didn't want to risk losing my Mew on my current game!!!
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    It's a fun glitch, and the most famous one. I have a sort of appreciation for the lesser known glitches, though. Glitch City is always fun to visit, though it's still more well known than Surfing on land (which is also fun). R/B/Y are great for glitching. I don't like to glitch on my real games, though, because I prefer to play legitimately on those. But I don't really have any save files on R/B/Y right now that I care about.
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    I used to love the missingno glitch, weirdly though I have never seen any of the unusual high level pokemon that the trick is supposed to also conjure. Except I may have seen a level 255 Kingler once, but that's it.

    Missingno is fun but I only actually caught it a few times because it can be dangerous. It can screw up link cable battles, delete pokemon from your team(this one actually happened to a friend of my best friend), or wipe your game and kill your save battery.
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    I caught an above-Level 100 Cloyster (as well as a Golduck). They are pretty harmless, and if you enter them into battle and win it will jump to Level 100, and is then indistinguishable from a legitimate Level 100.
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    umm... I'm not a huge Missingno fan, but I've run into it multiple times using the mew glitch in pokemon blue. I also know its true identity due to a youtube video, but knowing what it is creeps me out a tiny bit. Just battling it gives you those items (sometimes). um... I also know why the mew glitch works in the older games, but not the newer ones.
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    I love MissingNo. I never captured it either, though. I got 128 rare candies because of it.

    @People who think MissingNo hurts your save file and messes up your battery: It really doesn't. Never fear MissingNo, it is just an error handler. Although, you shall fear level 0 'M!

    I also ran into level 132 Mewtwos using the MissingNo glitch.

    @n8sthegr8est: What do you think is MissingNo's true identity? If you think it is a link between Marowak and Kanghaskan or a baby Khangaskhan, it isn't.
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    I hear it is an out of date Marowak (my own words), because at one point, Cubone was going to evolve into Marowak and then into kangaskahn. I'll post a link to the youtube video from which I heared this.


    Truth is, this creeped me out. And it haunted me for the next week or so.

    What do you believe it is, and why? You have made me curious by saying it is not.

    and PS... what's a level 0 'M? What does the 'M mean?

    @Kyogre386: what is this glitch city thingy?

    And what is the Missingno. glitch? how is it done? I am never going to do it, but I am super curious.
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