Charmander,Bulbasaur or squirtle?Why?

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    Just pick charmander,squirtle or bulbasaur?Then tell why the heck???
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    Charmander. For Charizard. 'Nuff said.
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    I picked Bulbasaur because I was a noob, and Prof Oak said it was the easiest to raise or something. I initially picked Charmander but then I restarted...

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    I chose Charmander. Just because he's my favourite Fire Red/Leaf Green starter out of the three of them. x3
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    I chose Charmander because Charizard is one of my favorite Pokemon and I chose him back in the original Red version.
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    I chose Charmander because I have picked it since the very first Pokemon games, and Charizard is my favourite.
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    Am I the only one that chose Squirtle for Blastoise :/
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    I usually pick Charmander even though Bulbasaur and Squirtle make my life eaiser.

    Just cause, when Charmander evolve to Charmeleon and then Charlizard, it's all worth it. :)
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    Favorite Pokemon evaaaa. <3
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    i picked squirtle the last time i restarted, cause i like raikou :P
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    Quote from " »
    I picked Bulbasaur because I was a noob, and Prof Oak said it was the easiest to raise or something. I initially picked Charmander but then I restarted...

    Oak, in a way, was right. Bulby has an advantage over the earliest gym leaders, thus can quickly gain expierience. :)
    Charmander cuz it is teh epic.
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    Bulbasaur is for beginners where as Charmander is for the advanced and Squirtle is for those in the middle.

    Go for those you're the most comfortable with, and do your best!!

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    ive played with all three, but i like squirtle because hes a turtle XD. nah, i dont have a reason, i just like it.
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    I chose squirtle, becase water is my favourite type :)
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    I chose charmander cuz it's boss:D

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    bulbasaur is good for the first few badges, squirtle is good mid game, and charmander is better in the long run

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    Charmander, no other starter can compare.
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    I like Charmander because Charizard is powerful. Especially in R/B/Y, when its Slash would be a Critical Hit every time. But Brock can be a pain.

    My first Pokemon ever was Squirtle in Blue Version, and he was pretty good.

    Bulbasaur pwns the first two Gym Leaders, and has some nice support moves, but is somewhat weaker.

    I like Charmander the best, and I have used all three.
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    I generally always pick Squirtle, because there's just something about Blastoise. Especially in the original R/B/Y.

    Charmander; not so much. Granted, I pick it more than Bulbasaur, but I still don't fancy it. I don't like having to nurse it until it's a Charizard.

    And Bulbasaur I pick the least often, and for no particular reason either. I don't hate it, but I just don't like it. Sure, it's good for Brock and Misty, but hauling it's carcass through Mt. Moon because it's been whooped by a Zubat is no fun task.
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    well...bulbasaur for fire red(for the nuzlocke)...why?
    --aerodactyl>>charizard-->both week to electric and water=nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    lorelei=pain in E4 with the team i run so sweep with grass/sleep subbed by mr mime
    squirtle works just as good since there arent many tough water types unless you want to run gyrados which imo is WAY over used

    imo best team:
    Mr Mime(Mimien)>>>>alakazam--does not get 1hk0d by ALL physical attacks,still fast, still strong, levels up faster,better move set
    Aerodactyl----seriously, if you have not tried this tank DO IT
    Arcanine-------see above->higher attack then charizard
    Venusaur------teams e4 weakness:lorelei, nuff said
    gyrados--------best water type be far in kanto with the only close runners being starmie/vaporeon
    snorlax---------move set if you can manage a 6th poke...


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