This is why I hate WALLY!

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    When he went to catch his Ralts, it was a shiny...

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    O.O lucky

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    lol i didnt know he could catch a shiny. does he have the shiny throughout the game? like the times when you battle him

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    Oh, LEMME TELL YOU ABOUT WALLY. I'm playing through my scramble a few months back and I fight Wally for the second time. Most of the fight goes well, and out comes Gardevoir, so I send in Mightyena, thinking I could get an easy win. I was wrong. So very, very, wrong. Apparently Wally has superstar AI and starts spamming Double Team and Calm Mind, making him invincible and pretty much immune to Bite. This guy wipes out my whole team, but I revived my unevolved Torchic for some reason and sent it out. SOMEHOW, I was able to KO this thing with Slash and Dig. I beat his Roselia afterwards, but still, he's a total ****stick.

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    Quote from Beedrillinit »

    When he went to catch his Ralts, it was a shiny...

    Do you have a youtube channel?

    I'm pretty sure I saw a video with Wally's Ralts being Shiny. :P

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    That is painful.

    I wish Pokemon that you don't get to catch (That Ralts, the Zigzagoon/Poochyena at the beginning of the games, the Starly at the beginning of DP, etc.) couldn't be Shiny, it's just cruel.

    I feel your pain, though, I found a Shiny Pikachu and Electabuzz in the Battle Pyramid within weeks of each other.

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    Yep.. Classic Wally. I never really liked Wally until recently actually. A few days ago I read an rp where someone was Wally and it was HILARIOUS. So I like Wally more now. Did you know that he can actually KO his Ralts? It's extremely rare. There has to be an exact set of IVs on both of the Pokemon.

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