Tyranitars Revenge(OU)

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    Hello I have a new team


    Hey guys Today I Am posting An Overused Rate My Team thread for people to see and rate it and My Team has chapters of the pokemon I will be using in this pokemon Rate My Team.

    1.The Lead
    2.The Revenge Killer
    3.The Rapid Spinner
    5.The Glue
    6.The Final Sweeper

    All teams that Are good should be like that always,Now this team is based On My XCore A Dragon Dance Tyraintar thats used To Dragon Dance and Sweep away sincewith Dragon Dances up Tyraintar can drill throughh teams easier than ever.
    Now we should move onto the section where we see the Team Building Process and realize why they chose certain pokemon over others and stuff like that.The main reason I put A Team Building Process though is to show some of the newbies in Rate My Team how to post Good Teams And They need to Know what A Good Team Needs.Right Now I'll show you What evry good team needs before we move onto the team Building Process Center.

    1.I would really reccomend you have a bulky Lead With ether High SpA(Special Attack)Or Atk(Attack) for your team or meybe you can sash your pokemon to help set up and take hits.

    2.Every Team should Need a Revenge Killer with Access to Pursuit Becuase thats what Revenge Killers Do and thats why they are such an important part of your team

    3.A Rapid Spinner is an Important part of yoiur team due to the fact thses days everyone can destroy you with Moves Like SR(Stealth Rock)Spikes or Toxic Spikes.And your Rapid Spinner should have great Defence and Special Defence.

    4.The Core is the pokemon that originally made up the team Cores are usually pokemon with High Speed and A Sweepers that are annoying and everybpody hates Sweepers Right.

    5.A Glue is a Pokemon That Can Set Up a Status Problem(Like Toxic Or Thunder Wave)I Would reccomend your glue would be a Tank so it can easily get off a Thunder Wave Or Toxic While Taking a Hit The Glues that I would probaly Reccomend for your team are
    Blissey and Porygon2 The Most Popular Glues These Days(Yes I know Porygon2 is now in the NU Tier On Smogon)And as you may know Toxic And Thunder Wave are a big part of battling(You might want to bring out a pokemon with Heal Bell Or Aromatherapy as well because Glue can estroy yolur teams.

    6.The Late Game Sweeper is a pokemon That you mainly use So you can sweep even if your a bad position in the battle So the other team doesnt expect the sweep.

    Also Some Other things For BNewbies Dont Hvae your whole team set up Setting up is hard to do and you can set up while to foes just drill through your teams(Its OK If you have a few pokwmon that set up but not your whole Team)

    Now that were done The reasons I put those chapters In your team I will Now Move On To the Team Building Process

    Team Building Process

    I chose Tyranitar as the core of the team because Tyranitar is Great As A DD(Dragon Dance)Sweeper Nobody Ever expects Dragon Dance Tyranitar these days

    As A Lead I chose a Bulky Gliscor As you may See In Tehe Lead Chapter of this why Gliscor would make a good Lead.

    As A Revenge Killer I chose a Sczior mainly because He has acess to Pursuit and YOu dont really have to Scarf A Scizor becuase he has great Defence and Special Defence

    Starmie is my favourite Rapid Spinner While it has Decent Special Attack and Speed so it can take a few hits Easily and Rapid Spin while doing a Lot of Damage.

    As an annoying Glue I actually chose A Surprising Vaporeon,He has access to learn Toxic So I thought "Why Not"

    And for the Final Sweeper I chose a Lucario because he has access to learning a variety of moves and is A Rotom Counter

    And here are what My Abbreviations mean

    HP(Hit Points)
    SpA(Special Attack)
    SpD(Special Defence)

    Now Just take a look at the team and think about it for while It will give you some ideas about the team


    What do you Think Of The Team?

    Now we are moving onto the real thing for the team

    The Lead

    Gliscor-Fang @ Leftovers
    Sand Veil
    Impish(+Df -SpA)
    180HP 252Atk 76Spd
    Stone Edge
    Stealth Rock

    I Only Set Up Rocks On Gliscor If it is against a pokemon that wont do a thing to My Gliscor I Gave it 180 HP So it can take a few hits kinda easyilt but here are some pokemon that you may wanna see How My Gliscor do against Them

    Tyraintar:I U-Turn Right away To Sczior Predicting An Ice Punch then I Bullet Punch/Brick Break Depending on how much His attack did to me

    Swampert:U-Turn to Sczior He would be an issue Due to the fact that he has access to Ice Beam/Ice Punch or maybe he might Waterfall

    Weavile:Right Off Tha Bat I U-Turn to Scizor Then I Bullet Punch Weavile and BOOM Weaviles Dead

    Ninjask:I set Up Rocks Then I U-Turn to Scizor and after that I will likely Bullet Punch.

    Yanmega:Stone Edge/Rocks if I am asleep I go into Scizor

    Gliscor:LOL I Will likely go into My Starmie and Use Surf/Ice Beam, On Gliscor

    Gyarados:Stone Edge Right away

    Salamence:Stone Edge Right Away

    Metagross:Earthquake U-Turn into Starmie

    Azelf:U-Turn into Scizor then Bullet Punch

    Infernape:Earthquake to KO Infernape

    Aerodactyl:Stone Edge

    Bronzong:Set Up Rocks While he does U-Turn into Sczior And Non Stop Brick Break

    Jirachi:Same as Metagross I U-Turn because It might have Ice Punch

    Here are the Leads I can Currently think Of Now that ive shown you the leads Gliscor does damage.So we can now move onto the next pokemon The Epic Revenge Killer Scizor

    The Evile Red Bug

    Scizor-The Beetle @ Choice Band
    Adamant(+Atk -SpA)
    252Atk 248HP 8Spd
    Bullet Punch
    Brick Break

    Scizor Is an Excellent Pokemon In My opinion Scizor has its Difficulties thouigh but Bullet Punch is basicly Why Scizor is the annoying old Scizor and Pursuit is what Makes Scziora Revenge Killer Brick Break Takes donw Blisseys(BrickBreakBillsey Lol) and will do a chunck maybe knock out Porygon2's and U-Turn does alot of stuff and Damage to certain pokemon If you use U-Turn very wisely Although Heatran will Welcome to the Time Rift me Off here But whatever I can just switch Out

    I chose 248HP EVs for Scizor because Scizor has Little Speed and Besides Scizor has Acces to Bullet Punch and doesnt need alot of speed due to Scizors Bulkiness since the Only Garuanteed OHKO(One Hit Knock Out)Move is Flamethrower or something But that Is Scizors Bad Point I think wwe should talke about his good points =D.Now We Can Move Onto The Starfish Rapid Spinner Starmie

    The Most Underated Wall Ever

    Starmie-Patrick @ Leftovers
    Natural Cure
    Bold(+Df -Atk)
    252HP 180Df 76Spd
    Ice Beam
    Rapid Spin

    Well Stealth Rocks Spikes nd Toxic Spikes are something that Is Huge problem when you battle Luckilly Starmie has Natural Cure as an Ability So Starmie can be switched OUT And then BOOM!No Status Problem,Probaly The Biggest Problem Fore My Starmie is Gengar(Geez)Starmie is also a Great Sweeper and thats The Reason I gave it 76 EVs On Speed.I Know This Starmie can take an Infernapes Thunderpunch No problem so its hard to suffer Easily with Starmie.Now we move onto the greates Chapter to the team The Core Tyranitar

    The Core

    Tyraintar-Speedy @ Chople Berry
    Sand Stream
    Jolly(+Spd -SpA)
    252Atk 252Spd 4HP
    Stone Edge
    Dragon Dance

    OMG Dragon Dance Tyraintar is the most epic okemon I know due to the fact He has Great Speed once he gets Off a Dragon Dance and Crunch takes Down Rotoms Earthqauke takes down Infernape Which is usually a problem for most Trainers due to the fact that Infernape is so Overused.Stone Edge takes down Pokemon Like Staraptor,Salamence,Gyarados,Dragonite and many more pokemon.Now that we are dont with the epic Dragon Dance Tyraintar we should move onto outr Strange Glue Vappy.

    The Water Dog Thingy

    Vaporeon-Aqua Raikou @ Leftovers
    Water Absorb
    Bold(+Df -Atk)
    252HP 180Df 76SpA
    Hidden Power(Electric)

    Yes I did get rid of Protect for Toxic becuase mainly I can also Just switch to another pokemon to take some hits instead of My Vaporeon Just Protecting to heal some health and My Vaporeon can Hidden Power Electric and Surf to take out other pokemon.

    The Defence EVs help Vaporeon take even more hits thena Vaporeon should take and Vaporen already has horrid Special Attack so I figured Defence would be a little more important than Special Attack.Now The Final Sweeper Lucario.

    The Powerhouse(Used for Late Battle)

    Lucario-Jackie Chan @ Life Orb
    Stead Fast
    Jolly(+Spd -SpA)
    252Atk 252Spd 4HP
    Close Combat
    Ice Punch
    Swords Dance

    Woah its Lukey the Final Sweeper for my team.Lucario can right off the bat Swords Dance and you guys might know once a Lucario gets off a Swords Dance Boy is Lucario Dangerous.And I gave Lucariio Ice Punch Instead of Crunch Mainly because tyraintar has Crunch So I Figured Lucario wouldnt need Crunch to sweep and Extremespeed is a great move if you consider it.

    Sorry I couldnt get images right now its just that Im not on My realy Computer and for some reason every Image on this computer is blocked So when I get back Home I will Edit and make some changes to the team(By changes I mean Sprites and all of that stuff)

    OK This is my team I hope you rate it and Like it =D.
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    I can't believe I understood all of that...
    I know this is a bit irrelevant, but The Caps on random Words is A Bit Annoying. We have SpellCheck For a reason.

    Quote from Double8Lumineon »

    All teams that Are good should be like that always

    For the record, I officially nominate this phrase for the biggest generalization of the year. Seriously, this is completely false. Everyone plays different ways, its not like Pokemon is a dictatorship or anything >..>

    I'll rate the whole team later but yeah....you might want to clean this up, you'll prolly get more rates.

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    Anyway I am typing from my Itouch so I can't be bothered to rate the entire team

    but firstly I laughed when you said For Gliscor yer I U-Turn into Scizor and Bullet Punch gives BOOM firstly Gliscor just Ice Punches Scizor straight up and that is 6-5 already...

    Secondly I would run max speed or close to Max to ensure you land Taunt on other Gliscor for ig them to U-Turn whilst you Stealth Rock up.

    By the way you have a hugeeee Machamp weakness there is nothing I can really suggest to cover this without breaking apart your team.

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    Lol I forgot about Weaviles Speed
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    I'd say replace Chople berry with Lum berry to prevent any status, but thats just me.
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    No Chople Berry is so i can Dragon Dance at any time
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