E4 Training Help

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    My Pokemon Are around Level= 5-52

    So i need to train.Any good place

    I am not going to E4 train

    I cannot find the place in route 47 where there is Miltanks


    So HELP please 

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    The Patch of grass in Route 47 has Farfetch'd Level 25 so not helpful

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    Do not triple post bro , also the best spot would be in the victory road , also best if you have a water type to KO the rock and ground types for easy XP

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    Nah not Victory Road

    Just level 32-35

    Just thinkin bout battling about the E4

    I can demolish the E4

    But Lance's Aerodactyl is Just NOOOOOOOOOO

    I have Lanturn who knows: Ice Beam , Thunderbolt , Surf , Waterfall

    Thinkin about using Lanturn as a Water Type

    And Breeding Espeon for a Eevee And Evolving it to a Jolteon

    Is Jolteon any good?

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    Jolteon is a great Pokemon in my opinion. It has a great speed stat coupled with a high special attack. It also has some pretty good moves to choose from.

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