In-Game RMT and You!

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    Welcome to the in-game RMT sub-forum. Here you can post your complete or incomplete team, and have them rated by fellow members of this wonderful community :D. So you want to have your team rated and get feedbacks? Read these first! They will (hopefully) be helpful and won't take too much of your time :)

    Note that this forum is only for In-Game Teams, meaning you are not building your team specifically to compete against other people. If you are making such a team, post it here instead.


    I. First and foremost, general Marriland Forum rules still apply here!

    II. Listing a Pokemon
    • Mandatory: Name, moveset, Level, and Ability

    • Recommended: Nature, Held Item, sprite (this would also make your RMT look so cool)

    • Optional: EV, IV, Type

    III. Descritption
    Putting a description under each Pokemon is much recommended. Doesn't have to be anything very long. Generally speaking, you explain why this Pokemon is in your team.

    IV. Format
    This should be the general format for each Pokemon:

    [insert sprite]
    Pokemon @ Item
    -Move #1
    -Move #2
    -Move #3
    -Move #4

    VI. Incomplete team
    Should you have an incomplete team, you may still make a topic about them here. Above conditions still apply. It is much recommended if you add some informations about what you want your team to be like (offensive, annoying, cool-looking, etc) and which Pokemon are candidates you want to add to the team.

    VI. Notes
    • If you have no idea for a Pokemon's moveset yet, please say so. that will exempt you from the formatting rule.

    • An introduction of your team before listing them would be cool, but it isn't as recommended as Pokemon description

    • Spice them up! Make your thread as interesting as it can be so people will be attracted to read it.

    • You can get Pokemon sprites here. Open the image, copy the address, and put it in this code:
      [img]image address[/img]

    Didn't take long, did it? Post your RMT now!


    What, you don't only want to have your team rated, but rating others? Here's a guide for you.

    Be helpful! Don't say "swoobat is pathetic", but say "Swoobat is terrible as Flying/Psychic. Sigilyph makes a much better Pokemon." instead. Tell the thread starter not only why this Pokemon is bad, but why the suggested replacement is good. Make yourself helpful. Really, I can't stress that enough.

    Focus on the pack. This is the "Rate My TEAM" section. Your rating should be subjective to the team, not objective to one Pokemon. For instance, if someone has Escavalier, Scrafty, Serperior, Darmanitan, and Archeops in a team and he asks for a strong Pokemon to fill his last slot, you don't suggest Conkeldurr. Sure you can explain how it is a brilliant Pokemon, but its Fighting-type is already covered by Scrafty. If you think he should really have Conkeldurr on his team, you should post an additional suggestion to replace Scrafty, like Krookodile or Zoroark.

    Don't insult a team. If you see a team with Heatmor, Stunfisk, Cincinno, Basculin, Maractus, and Garbodor, you don't call it awful. Re-read the thread, probably this guy has been repeating BW over and over and wanted some challenges?

    Finally, know what you're talking about. Suggesting Substitute on Shedinja will make a fool out of your self, not to mention being not helpful.

    That's all for now, have fun with this new sub-forum!
    Notes: fixed font sizes
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