Gaming For A Cause Pokemon (And other games) Citrus Heights (Sacramento) Tournament! :D

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    Hello! I'm G4AC Rhydon (Or just Rhydon, for short), and I'm proud to announce a Citrus Heights Pokemon tournament on behalf of Gaming For A Cause :) On the second Saturday of every month, we host a plethora of Video Game Tournaments (Including Call of Duty Black Ops II, Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3, and Super Smash Bros Brawl). However, this month we're looking to add Pokemon Black and White 2 to our roster :) The tournament this month (February) will be held on the 9th, and signups will begin at about 6 PM, and we'll aim to start at around 7 PM. It is VERY late to promote this event (I'm well aware), but if anyone can make it, we would be more than happy to have you! :D So far, it seems as though only a few of the people attending are familiar with competitive Pokemon thus far (That being myself and a couple of my personal friends attending), so it will mostly be casual and relaxed, however, prizes are awarded to top 3, so contenders are also more than welcome :)

    The tournament itself will be following the basic VGC'13 rules that were used at Apex this year, and teams will be checked by Knuckle Joe (Who I believe may have a different account name on here? O_O) and myself. We -STRONGLY- recommend competitors bring their own chargers, and we will have sockets available :) The tournament is held at the Fuddrucker's on 5495 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA, 95610. Any questions about the rulings on Pokemon may be addressed to myself at (916)225-9048 (I am a student and I work full time, so I prefer you text me or message me here! :) I also help manage the UMVC3, so if you have any questions with that please ask as well), and any questions regarding Gaming For A Cause or our tournaments in general can be directed to (916)835-5583

    Now, what -IS- Gaming For A Cause? O_o Or at least, what's our Cause? Our cause is to raise money and donate to various Cancer Research and help programs, such as Family House Inc, which itself has aided greatly in the treatment of our leader/CEO, Austin Young (Who is a two year survivor of RetinoBlastoma as well as Rhabdomyosarcoma) . How do our tournaments help? O_o Our tournaments are played with five dollar intervals; Five dollar venue fee, then an additional five dollars for each game (With the exception of CoD:BOII, which I believe is 10 dollars in addition to the five dollar venue fee). The venue fee is what we use to contribute to the various programs we support, meaning that the rest of the entry goes straight to the player :) We split the pot 70/20/10, and we have a consolation prize for fourth place as well in the form of a plaque (first, second, and third also get plaques). Because money is involved, we require parental permission for those under 18 to enter :) Thank you, and please have a good day!

    The spoiler is our flyer for this month! :)


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