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    Well this is my team for competitive battling for the tournaments this year. I haven't done any competitive battling before this so I wanted some feedback.


    Flamethrower, Bugbuzz, Quiver Dance, silverwind/ psychic

    EVs: sp att 252, 252 speed, 4 hp


    Draco meteor, dragon pulse, crunch, brickbrake 


    overheat, flamethrower, flareburst, shadow ball


    aura sphere, close combat, ice punch, dark pulse

    EVs: 252 att, 252 speed, 4 def


    thunderbolt, discharge, brickbrake , earthquake

    EVs: 252 sp att, 126 def, 126 sp def ( I can change these)


    agility, hyper beam, zen headbutt, meteor mash

    ev: 252 hp, 126 def, 126 sp def, 4 att



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    Hhhmm... I see what you did there... Though I am not really the competitive player (Only played online with hardcore Japanese people...), let me take a gander on your team... But maybe you could list their natures, so that it would be easier to give feedback to your pokemon a little deeper.


    Hhmmm... Pretty the basic set for Volcarona, and possibly one of the best sets for him. Maybe you can let him level up and give him a fiery dance; the attack basically has an 80 power but raises sp attack 50% of the time by one level. Heat wave is also another alternative.


    I see that you are trying to make a suprise/mixed garchomp set. For this, you may need a naive/hasty one to use it correctly. Also, you might want to consider giving it outrage and replacing dig with earthquake. You may want to replace dragon pulse with something else like swords dance or dragon dance but given that garchomp is already quite fast, swords dance may be a better alternative


    Eeeerrm.... Here's the thing; having 3 attacks of the same elemental type in your team is not really a good idea. You could maybe give you Chandelure better type coverage like Energy ball, or psychic? Or an elemental hidden power would do nicely. About overheat... It might seem risky... Fire blast can be another option.


    Hmmm... It seems alrighty and fine. Good coverage, with ice and darkness and being a mixed attacker. But pumping all your EV's into attack means that your Lucario would perform better if it were to go physical, which is very good for close combat and ice punch. I see a lot of potential in this set. They would never expect a dark pulse coming from him...


    Hmmm... Overall an OK build... But since Electivire's base stats are physical based, you might want to use a physical Electivire instead...


    No... There are a few things wrong with this set... Firstly, Hyper beam. Hyper Beam is not really a good move for competitive, despite being really powerful. Sides, the recharge turn is very bad for Metagross since he is rather slow compared to most competitive pokemon out there and also, Metagross isn't really the Special attacker, which means if the shot doesn't kill, you're doomed, even if you managed to get an agility up. In addition, Psychic would be a MUCH greater option than hyper beam, since Psychic's relative power for Metagross is 120, compared to 150, but you wouldn't have to suffer the 1 turn recharge, meaning you can dish out 240 power worth of damage compared to 150 in a turn...

    Secondly, where's the bullet punch? It is wise for one of your team mates to have a priority move, since sturdy/focus sash is quite rampant in there. Sides, since metagross is slow, a priority move for him would suit nicely.

    Thirdly, the EVs... This build is more geared towards Stallers, and defensive tanks, rather than offensive tanks, which Metagross is more proficient at. What's more, your moveset paints "Offensive tank" at every corner... Sorry to say but, you might have screwed up your metagross...   


    All in all, your team is quite basic, and no offence, but your team will have a hard time in Pokemon Online competitions. But however, your team's unpredictable moveset may be your greatest advantage in competitions. I would say your team needs great improvements, especially on your Metagross. 


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    Thanks a lot for the feedback. I didn't train the metagross my self, but looking at him I can see what you mean. What would you think if I put a Tyranitar there instead of metagross? What EVs would you recommend for it? The moves would probably be  earthquake, stone edge, crunch, toxic. One last thing, garchomp doesn't have dig.

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    ooops.. Yeah... I seen it wrongly, Sorry... But it is best your Garchomp went physical...

    As for Ttar, I guess the move-set is alright, other than toxic can be replaced by something like thunder wave or Superpower since Ttar would not be killing things slowly with toxic...

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