Review my first competitive team

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    Hi I"m new here and I wanted you guys to rate my team

    1. Porygon-z

    Ability: Download

    Held Item: life orb


    Phychic, thunderbolt, recover, and hyper beam

    Descriptions:Porygon-Z is objective is to take out as many opponents as it can at the beginning of the battle, I give him the life orb to give him more power and recover so he could heal in some tough situation


    Ability: Steadfast

    Held item: Focus sach or band


    Aura sphere, Phychic, Extreme speed, protect

    Description:he may be used as a fast hitting pokemon(has been useful in some battles)

    3. Kingdra

    Ability: Sniper

    Held item: wide lens


    Draco meteor, Hydro pump, Ice beam or Earthquake, dragon dance

    Description my offensive pokemon, his ability is great so he can do great damage and got great speed, i give him the wide lens so it could have better accuracy


    Ability:flame body

    Held item: don't know yet


    Fiery dance, Bug buzz, quiver dance, wild charge

    Description:Volcarona is a cover pokemon, he get a good cover in some types like: grass, steel, bug, dark, physch, even water, ice, and flying. Even thought i need a item for him


    Ability: Poison heal

    Item; toxic orb


    earthquake, thunder fang, aerial ace , protect

    Description This one is a poison killer, is awesome because of its ability and his item can make the ability work. I actually need a better moveset for him.



    Held item: dont know


    Phychic, rest, fire punch, thunder bolt

     Description: I may change this pokemon for an espeon or latias, however his use is to take some guys down(same as Porygon-Z)

    Here is my team feel free to comment and put some advice. I also need help with ev training


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    Sorry but teams here must have at least two lines of descriptions according to the RMT rules. If you want your team to be unlocked, you have to PM me the description and I'll unlock it for you to edit those in.

    But as a very very brief rate, I see that Keldeo can just rip straight through this team as its STABs can hurt every one of your Pokemon. I suggest a switch from Gardevoir to a Latias or Latios in order to have something that can take hits from Keldeo.

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