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    Is there any actually point or benefit from the pokestar studios? Or does everyone agree with me that this is the biggest waste of time that you have to do in any of the games?

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    It's basically the Pokemon Contest/Pokeathlon/Musical of Black and White 2. Unlike them, I actually enjoy Pokestar Studios. I like making the movies, the dialogue trees, watching the end result-I really have fun doing it. To add on to that, you can get lots of items from fans, and there's no limit to how many of them you can do at one time, so if you play around with it right after the mandatory first film, you can get some decent items. It's also required to get one of the stars on your Trainer Card.

    But you're not alone in thinking that, some people desperately try to get through it as quickly as possible (even using Ice Punch on the Pawniard in the mandatory first film, allowing it to KO the Riolu, making them look like a complete joke) and never return. I'm not one of them, though.

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    Well I guess getting some cool items is always a plus. Thanks for the info.

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    Yeah, the items are nothing that overly exciting, but again, it can help if you just beat Roxie and want some decent stuff for what's to come after that. There are even specialties from the other regions, like Ragecandybars, Old Gateaux and Lava Cookies. And Moomoo Milks, too, for free I should add.

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    the mountains of free lemonades really help through the early parts of the game

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    I didn't see what was so special at first, but if one completes all the movies using the rental Pokemon, it boosts your Trainer Card by one star level apparently.

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    That is correct. Though it actually doesn't require you to get Brycen-Man Strikes Back Harder (the finale, which you get by getting good endings on all the other movies) to get the Trainer Star, I read on Bulbapedia and that is indeed correct.

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    Interesting, although filming all of those films will be a challenge considering filming them involves the games battle mechanics. And as I found out, the random, and seemingly often critical hits really mess with the script. 

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    Yeah I finished all of the movies a little while ago, before I realized that fans gave you items, *facepalm* so sadly I got almost none. But I thought some of the movie plots were pretty cool (way better than some movies that are coming out now).

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