Abyssal Ruins

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    Hey, everyone. I know the maps are all over everywhere, but I still can't seem to navigate this darned place all that well. I was wondering if it was really super worth it and if you knew a map you used that worked really well/ helped you out a lot. Thanks in advance!

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    I used the map in Marriland's Black/White walkthrough and that seemed to help.  You can get most of the type boosting plates and over 1,000,000 poke worth of stuff.  I think Marriland posted a video of it on his youtube channel. 

    In other words, if you need money, all you have to do is sell the relics to a man in Undella Town. 

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    Hey Terra! I believe it is worth it because you can get like 14 of arceus' plates in the ruins and you can get relic gold and copper which give you a bunch of money. Then at the end there is the relic crown which will give you like 10 times as much as a relic gold its like 1000000 (I think). Anyway if you wanna change arceus' type and get money then it is worth it.

    I dont know a good map to use but I could give you directions on here if you want?

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    I'm about to be away from the computer, but if you wouldn't mind giving directions that might help XD I read that you can take too many steps and not be able to advance a level, and I guess that's true, considering that I made it to the heart of the first level and it wouldn't take me any higher. Do I have to have read all of the tablets (pinkish-purplish wall stones) before I can go to the next level? What all is required? I'd love a lot of money (breeding Pokemon is expensive sometimes, danggit!) to be able to spend in-game...And Type-Plates for Arceus doesn't sound too bad, either!

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    This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLxud737Z4A&list=SPgYcvjQqu5W5Dg2HrYiQPoLdf6iEZ8Rhj&index=122

    It's instructions on navigating the Abyssal Ruins and where to sell the relics.


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    Yeah I know what you mean, btw do you just want me to trade you thundurus so you can catch landorus in your black or just tradeback landorus?

    To get to the 2nd level you have to take the shortest route exactly with no extra steps.  *goes and gets strategy guide*

    1F: Go in the entrance to the left (closest to Undella town shore) Dive. Follow the path, when you get to the first intersection go straight, keep going until you hit a wall, From there go up until intersection, then go right, next intersection go up, take the second right, go right, then down, then right, then down until you hit the wall, go right, up right, up, if you can understand these directions you should be at a purple tablet, read it and it should move away, just swim forward and it should take you through to floor 2.

    If you can understand them then I will post the 2nd floor. These directions are for Black + White 2  but I dont think they changed the layout.

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