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    Can you help me? I'm thinking of starting competitive play but I want to know if i should update my team. Currently I own a Zangoose, a Flygon, a Serperior, a nEspeon, a Lucario, and a Crawdaunt. Could I win a battle or two in an OU tournament?

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    This forum is a better place to discuss competitive battling.

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    I don't play conpetitive yet but I think that you can get a much better dragon than flygon

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    keep Lucario and maybe Flygon. Replace zangoose with slaking. You want a strong dragon pokemon like hydregion or garchomp. Lapras is a good choice if you want a water pokemon. I'd get a tyraintar or something dark like a Zoroark also. Happy Battling!

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    Quote from rd99 »

    I don't play conpetitive yet but I think that you can get a much better dragon than flygon

    Flygon is one of the least used Dragons...

    And no, with the random Pokemon you have right now you will most certainly not win any OU, competitive tournament unless your opponent is just that bad.

    I think bluejay meant to lock this thread already anyways, so I'm putting it away for good.

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