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    Hi I'm currently in Castelia City. I have a Servine, Magnemite and Eevee all level 21.

    In My party I wanna have:

    Serperior: Coil, Return, Leaf Blade, Leaf Storm.

    Magnezone: Signal Beam, Flash Cannon, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave.

    Espeon: Psychic, Calm Mind, Signal Beam, Morning Sun.

    Cofarigus: Pain Split, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball, Will-o-Wisp. 

    Walrein: Surf, Hail, Ice Beam, Body Slam.

    I don't know who to add as my sixth pokemon. I like variety. Please check them out and please advice me on the changes I shall perform. ;)

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    luimo, I think this post should maybe have been in the Team Help sub-forum? (as an aside though, I think you need a Fire or Flying type.)

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    Sorry, I was looking for the right forum and tho it was this one. :(

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    I think you need a Fire and fighting type. Yo can ditch Magnezone since you already have an advantage over all the types it covers with a Mienshao and a Ninetails

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