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    I just beat Pokemon White 2 and I would like to start breeding to help others out and also trade to complete the Pokedex.

    Also I would like some help with the Masuda Method. I don't know much of it so I would like some kind person to explain it to me. I googled it for a while with no clear explanation. Also I heard that you can just use a foreign Ditto and it will work. Is it true? When they say "Different region" They mean just from another country?

    Thanks for reading, I would love to breed some Shinies since I don't understand the RNG Method...

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    Great. step one. beating the game. is done. Wild encounter rate is 1 in 8192.
    Now go complete the national pokedex to get a shiny charm which will increase the wild shiny encounter rate by 1 in 2370.

    Masuda method breeding is when you get a pokemon from a different country. If you were in a place that distributes english games you will need a pokemon that is different to the english language game such as Spanish, Japnese, Korean, German and Italian.

    so pretty much a japanese ditto and a english pokemon is masuda method

    Masuda method breeding will increase the shiny by 1 in 1366

    Masuda Method breeding with shiny charm is 1 in 1027 i think


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    Great, now I just need a Japanese Ditto... *cries*

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    you can get a free flawless spanish ditto from incendi. in the giveaway section of trades

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    That's in the WI-FI trading section right? How I'm I supposed to contact him?

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    Write a post saying Give me yo! ditto!

    Not those exact words but you know

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    LOL I could use those exact words ;)

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    Yes you could. or you can pm him.

    Also do you have your friend code

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    Sure, I'm gonna PM him instead.

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    can someone help me get a japanese ditto in pokemon white?

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    Locking this to prevent further revival.

    @otje17 - If you want someone to help you get a Japanese ditto, please create a thread here
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