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    Hey guys, I've figured out a team I might want to use for competitive battling. I'm mainly an offensive player. Please put some suggestions.

    Zekrom@Wide Lens

    252 Atk/252 Spe/4 Def

    Bolt Strike


    Focus Blast

    Rock Slide

    Bolt strike and Outrage are just there to put a massive indent into the opposing team with some powerful STAB attacks. Focus Blast will get rid of those pesky Excadrills which would absolutely destroy it and with an accuracy rise it could easily hit. Rock Slide is there for Ice-type coverage.


    Braviary@Sharp Beak

    252 Atk/252 Spd/4 HP


    Brave Bird 



    There to kill stuff. I'm thinking of giving it a Choice Scarf but I'm not sure. Fly, Thrash and Brave Bird are there for powerful STAB moves though Brave Bird is there just there for emergencies. Superpower is a powerful move which I thought is perfect for it.



    252 Atk/252 Sp. Def/4 Spe

    Swords Dance



    Aqua Jet/Revenge

    Set-up with Swords Dance and start using Waterfall or Megahorn to faint pokemon after pokemon. I'm debating whether to keep Aqua Jet or Revenge. Aqua Jet would be there to do some damage before getting knocked out and Revenge could prove to be very good in some situations.


    Volcarona@Focus Sash

    252 Sp.Atk/252 Spd/4 Def

    Bug Buzz



    Quiver Dance

    A speedy killer. It could easily turn a match in my favour after a Quiver Dance and then start Bug Buzzing and Flamethrowing things to death. Psychic could easily do heavy chunk of damage too.



    252 Def/252 Sp.Def/ 4 Atk

    Stealth Rock


    Power Whip


    Probably my opener. Will start with Stealth Rock, then Toxic. Maybe put up a few layers of Spikes and Power Whip for some pretty heavy damage. Overall a good starter for a battle.


    Jolteon@Zap Plate 

    252 Spd/252 Sp.Atk/4 HP

    Shadow Ball


    Signal Beam


    Another speedy attacker. Can probably make some quick kills with a few Thunderbolts. Signal Beam and Shadow Ball could both easily do a heavy chunk of damage but thinking of getting rid of Discharge for something else.







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    i know this has no relation but you have the same picture as me

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    Uh, if you're looking to boost your Braviary's flying type attacks, use a Sky Plate. Not a Sharp Beak.
    Jolteon could use Magnet Rise to get rid of Earthquakes and Earth Powers for a few turns.
    Your Volcarona's main counters are pokemon that can set up Stealth Rock. 1/2 HP loss by switch, is pretty bad. Since in Ubers (Considering you have a Zekrom) set-ups are a godsend, and Sandstorm Teams with Pokemon that can OHKO your Volcarona (without switch-in) will bring it to Focus Sash, and at the end of the turn, boom. It's gone.

    Your Ferrothorn will love Leech Seed or Gyro Ball. 
    I would not use starters in competitive. Except Infernape and the OP Speed Boost Blaziken. 

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    Sure Yoshums. I'll get rid of Discharge on Jolteon for Magnet Rise. I'll give my Braviary the Sky Plate too. 

    I really like this offensive set for Samurott so I am going to use it.

    What should I change in my Volcarona then? I don't want to get rid of it.

    And yes I will get rid of Toxic for Gyro Ball on Ferrothorn.

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    For Volcarona, I'd suggest a Choice Scarf/Specs or a Charti Berry. In case you find a Sand Rush Excadrill, Choice Scarf will help make easy job of it.
    Choice Specs is also recommended because it's useful too.
    One thing: Charti won't help pretty much though. Since it's physical defense is a bit bad, it will probably get a OHKO from Excadrill's Choice Band Rock Slide or Tyranitar's Stone Edge no matter what.

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    Um dude this is a story help forum.

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    Quote from DarkAssassin21 »

    Um dude this is a story help forum.

    Wrong. This is in the Team Help section of the forum.

    @Pranav: I'm no competitive battler, but to me, that sounds like a great team. :)

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    My team is full of awesomeness

    Emboar w/ leftovers

    hammer arm


    heat crash

    fire pledge


    future sight




    Dragonair w/draco plate



    dragon rush

    aqua tail

    Flygon w/ring target

    heat wave



    earth power


    force palm

     calm mind


    bone rush

    keldeo w/ scope lens


    secret sword

    hydro pump

    aqua jet

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    hopefully this picture works

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