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    I noticed a few pokemon I use a lot are a bit one sided with their move pool. As in, they have 3 or 4 moves of all the same type and it seems a but pointless! Could you help me out on what moves could work better? :)

    Zoroark lv. 71
    Fury Swipes/ Faint Attack/ Foul Play/ Night Daze

    Azumarill lv. 71
    Surf/ Superpower/ Hydro Pump/ Waterfall

    Flareon lv. 71
    Fire Fang/ Last Resort/Lava Plume/ Fire Blast

    Reuniclus lv. 57
    Psyshock/ Future Sight/ Strength/ Psychic

    Galvantula lv. 59
    Electroweb/ Sucker Punch/ Electro Ball/ Discharge

    Darmanitan lv. 54
    Fire Punch/ Overheat/ Flare Blitz/ Superpower

    Samurott lv. 61
    Aqua Tail/ Hydro Cannon/ Retaliate/ Surf

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    You're in a real pickle, aren't you?

    Zoroark has a pretty wide movepool, only if you either use TMs or Shards. One question I must ask you is- why are you keeping Fury Swipes on it? You should give it Flamethrower and try Psychic in exchange for Fury Swipes and Faint Attack, and you're good to go

    Azumarill has a wide movepool also, but not with as many moves as you'd think. You should give it Earthquake or Dig., and get rid of one of those water type moves, and also, replace another with Ice Punch.

    Flareon is quite helpless, just give it Earthquake and Energy Ball in exchange for 2 of its fire type moves.

    Give Reuniclus Flamethrower and Focus Blast in exchange for 2 of its Psychic type moves

    I suggest giving Galvantula Thunderbolt, X-Scissor, Aerial Ace and Energy Ball

    Darmanitan has a huge movepool, and I don't know why you aren't using it, or why you have 2 fire types. Slap Flare Blitz, Focus Blast, Solar Beam and Sunny Day and you're good to go.

    Samurott has a mediocre movepool, and give it Megahorn and remove Aqua Tail. Replace Retaliate with Dig.

    Plus, if you wanted help with moves, why didn't you check Marriland's Black 2 walkthrough?

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    Thanks for the help!

    I only had fury swipes because I hadn't changed it to anything yet :P

    I didn't know the walkthough had such information! I'll look there in the future. :)

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