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Fennekin, Chespin, or Froakie?

Poll: Which Starter are you going with?

Which Starter are you going with? - Single Choice

  • Fennekin 55%
  • Froakie 19.2%
  • Chespin 25.8%

This poll has ended as of 1/31/2013 12:00:00 AM

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    I would have to decide on it after I see the final evolves. I may like all of them as I did with Gen I, Gen III, and Gen IV. Last gen though I liked Snivy intially then when they revealed the evolutions I was not a fan of the line. So generally I will go by lines. Right now I am in between Chespin and Froakie. I will try all of them eventually though.

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    I always pick the Grass starter, but I'm loving Fennekin's design at the moment. Fennecs and foxes in general are cool. Chespin's OK, don't really like Froakie. If Fennekin's final evo is better than Chespin's, I swap it up and go with Fire this time.

    I also kind of hope they go back to solely Grass/Fire/Water with no dual typings. :/

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    I'm buying both games and in the first play-through I will have all three starters.

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    I'm choosing between either Fennekin or Chespin.

    It seems like, this time, Chespin will be a grass starter which won't have speed as one of the highest stats. It looks cute and will probably (hopefully) evolve into something strong and cool looking. The spikes and tail give it potential in evolution and plus, I've never really tried out grass starters as my first option. I think Chespin could be a really awesome starter. Fingers crossed for good-looking evolutions!!

    Fennekin seems very cool and cute as well, but judging on it's body figure, I have a feeling that it might evolve into something feminine-like (like glameow or purrloin, for example). At least, this time, the evolutions won't be (I hope) Fire/Fighting type. Nevertheless, Fennekin will be my secondary option because I like the name and think it looks really good.

    Froakie, for me, is definitely a let down. I don't want any more frogs in pokemon. We already have poliwag, poliwhirl, poliwrath, politoad, croagunk, toxicroak,  Tympole, Palpitoad and Seimsitoad. I was hoping for a little water buffalo or maybe a dolphin or even a polar bear as the new water starter. I really dislike Froakie. But!! If the evolutions turn out really cool, then I might go for it!

    Right now, we just need to wait for the evolution lines and base stats to see which to choose!

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    I usually start with the Water type but this time I think I'll go with Fennekin. He looks so cute, hope he gets a cool evolution!


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    I thought Froakie was just weird looking at first. But he has kinda grown on me I think, cuz he just seems kinda cute/derpy in my mind now. Still my least favorite though.

    No worries.
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    Yeah, on the night of the Pokemon Direct (I'm in Australia), when I saw Froakie my jaw dropped. I disliked it so much, but the more I look at it, the more okay it looks. I just don't want anymore frogs!! And, it looks more like a neopet, to be honest!

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    Not sure if Fennekin or Froakie. I'll decide after the evolutions are revealed.

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    Definitely Chespin. That thing's just so awesome!

    It looks like an Oshawott crossed with Pachirisu, with a bit of Nuzleaf thrown in.

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    I don't think I know enough about the new little guys to choose yet! I at least wanna see their evos. But, if I were forced to choose now, I'm torn between Fennekin and Chespin. I love Froakie, too, though! Oh man... :(


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    I imagined Chespin to be to part ground type.  His body is brown and he seem's to be a mole/ gopher which live underground.  I saw Croakie closer to Ice or Fighting type if any.

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    Fennikin looks so cute :3 I'm going to choose it as my starter no matter what. :D

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    Quote from UltimateFlygon »

    I imagined Chespin to be to part ground type.  His body is brown and he seem's to be a mole/ gopher which live underground.  I saw Croakie closer to Ice or Fighting type if any.

    Yeah, I first guessed that chespin would be ground type too. But the thing is, in the trailer each pokemon used their element move (looked like solar beam, flamethrower, and water gun) and then they used a second move. Chespin looked like it used a dark move, Fennekin looked like it used a Psychic type move, and Froakie looked like it used a fighting type move. And I don't know why they would show these three using these types of moves moves if they weren't going to be that type. It'd be very misleading. But, as always, it could be a possibility that they won't be those dual types, and in that case I just don't know why they would add those second attacks to show in the trailer.

    No worries.
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    i think fennikin is going to be a plain fire type its whole way

    BUT i need to start picking water types i have not picked a water since fire red

    so i'm picking froakie

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    I'm saying Fennekin for now, but I usually choose them based on their evos. Gonna have to wait :/ 

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    As with most others, it's only until the final evolutions that the final decision to pick a start is made. But as of right now Fennekin is ahead of the other two, the grass dude is alright, the water one is lolworthy and the Fennekin is the best one so far. About time Fire got something decent, the standard had dipped over the last 2 gens (although I still like Infernape).

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    As with all the other games, I'll have all 3 very early on as my friend buys the games at the same time that I do. These starters are a massive step up from Gen 5, as I hated Tepig, Oshawott was OK, and Snivy was the only one that I liked. I think the best looking one is Fennekin with Chespin coming a close second. Froakie looks alright now, but I think its evolutions will look pretty cool. 

    I'm hoping that Fennekin is a Fire/Psychic type, Chespin a Grass/Dark type, and Froakie a Water/Fighting type. I'm sick of the Fire/Fighting types!



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    I think I am gonna pick with Fennekin... but I might change my mind later. :) 



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    Chespin is ugly.

    Fire one is meh.

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