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    This thread is to set something up so we can get a bit more honor out of random wifi and the rated system all members of this clan voe not to rage quit against each other and play the rated system until the minimum games for rank (10)Ranked.

    The way it could work is by this clan name is open for discussion but for easiness it could look like this [HTK]Name i think that's the most spaces you can have but not sure (9) the [HTK] means Hard to Kill. As I am not part of Mariland only one of their members i am not sure if this is aloud but will stop if told to but i think a clan system is needed to start combating rage quit on random wifi and beyond. Also having the letter combination to spell Kill any were in your name is banned that's why my real name Nukilla on random wifi comes up as Shiro* so consider that when entering your name on the new Gen or we could do it on purpose lol " i never know what there name is in Japaneses and neither can i always remember the pattern i think that's why they don't experience rage quit by us as much and we also we expect to lose to them in this game i think its an age issue.

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