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    First of all, I would like to apologize if there's already a thread on this. I checked to see if there was one and couldn't find one, so I figured it was cool if I made one.

    Second, this thread is about the player characters, Calem and Serena. I know there's already a convo going on about this in the comment section of the article on this site, "The Player Characters", but honestly I can't follow a thing anyone's been saying there and I'm really irritated that most of the people there are still referring to the characters by their "default names" (Xavier and Yvonne).

    Now then, the actual reason I decided to start this thread -- aside from wanting to talk about Calem and Serena -- is because I noticed in my notifications today someone asking about why the good people at GameFreak chose to call the characters Calem and Serena.
    Well, I'm pretty sure most of us know that it's because of the manga and anime. I mean, whenever a new game comes out it gets a special or an arc (B/W got a special) in the manga, and the female character usually takes over as Ash's new sidekick in the anime, so, of course, the characters need names.
    The other reason is probably because Calem is really close to the male player character's name in Japanese, Calme, and because....Well, Serena's name was already Serena in Japanese. Don't believe me, check these links:

    So, the answer to the poster's question is really quite simple, isn't it: Because that's what the characters' names were in Japanese (pretty much).

    That's what I thought, too, until I started thinking and realized it probably had more to do with the meaning behind the characters' names, so I Googled away and discovered Calem is actually a variant of the Gaelic name Calum, which is a variant of the Latin name Columba. Then I did some research on the name Serena and, I have to say, what I discovered about that name blew my freaking mind (and revealed quite a lot about what, I'm assuming, the character's personality is going to be like).
    Anyway, here are the links to what I've found and I hope that you guys will join me in discussing these two characters.
    Thank you! ^_^


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