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Shiny Pokemon Sprites For X & Y!!!! Update [2]

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    Hey guys! so i was browsing the internet and came across what seems to be gameplay of X & Y... but with some shiny Pokemon!!! The ones i'm about to show are Chespin, Froakie, Fenniken, Flabebe and Sylveon! Now, i'm not sure if these are real, but if they had to pick a color for these Pokemon, i'd say these would be identical! Hope you enjoy:

    First, we have a shiny Chespin. The only noticable color difference is the shade of green has been blurred a little bit on his body.


    Next, we have the shiny Froakie, which is very noticable in comparison to Chespin. Froakie's color scheme has changed as its skin has gone from blue to green!!


    Next, we have the shiny Fenniken! Now this is a color change! Fenniken has changed the golden base of its skin to a bright purple color!

    Next, we have the shiny Flabebe. Now this one...the change is very small. From what i can see. Flabebes' body has become purple, and the flower petals have turned into a fuchsia color!

    And now...what a lot of you have waited for......... SHINY SYLVEON!!!!!!!!! Now the main change on sylveon is that the pink base pink color on Sylveon has changed to a pretty sky blue, along with its bow!

    Now we have Shiny Gogoat. What I can tell right off the bat is that its hooves are now pink, its body has changed colors, and the leaves on its neck and tail are now lighter.

    Next up, we have shiny skrelp! From what i can see, they changed his body color to red, and fins/flippers to blue.

    Next, we have a shiny Helioptile. The only major color change i can see, is that its skin has changed from yellow to brown. Very slight!

    Next, we have a shiny Litleo. Now this change is very hard to see! Litleos nose has changed to brown, and its "hair" is now more of an orange color. 

    Which one is your favorite? Leave a post/reply telling me what your favorite one was! Also, what other X & Y pokemon shinies do you think there will be? ~iMuffinmaniac

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    I actually likes them more how they are but if i has to say i would say Chespin.

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    Shiny Sylveon looks adorable! It's probably my new favourite Shiny now. 

    Shiny Froakie looks even more like a frog now. :P

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    I love Fennekin and Froakie's Shiny formes! I like how they are big colour changes, rather than small ones.
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    Shiny Fennekin reminds me a lot of Shiny Mudkip. owo
    I prefer the regular forms for most but shiny Sylveon is o3o. <3

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    I quite like how they've moved from changing the overall look of Pokemon i shin form and just changed a few of the colors. I don't like Hydreigon's Shiny for that reason XD

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    Even though I like Froakie the most, I think my favorite shiny so far is Chespin. Froakie's green is okay, but I do sometimes like small changes on shinies. That blue-green on his back... I love it!

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    i agree! I didn't like it when they just altered a pokemon skin color for its shiny form, like Garchomp and Gengar. This looks a lot better! also, when i get more info, I'll update this with more!!!! :D

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    I love Fennkien, and Sylveon`s forms. That shade of lavender is perfect Fenniken! for This will probably encorurage me to finish MM for my Shiny Eevee!

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    Truthfully, I'm hoping that Fennekin's shiny form is a fake. I'm not a big fan of that shade of purple mixing with that shade of red-orange. I hope Chespin's shiny form is real though, it's cute!

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    Froakie's and Fennekin's colours look cool. Froakie's looks quite natural, to be honest.

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    If this is real and its looking to me that it is, that would be awesome. And it shows that shinies are still going to be there.

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    I want to see shiny Clauncher! :c


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    I like froakie, and fennekin shiny.

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    am I the only one that like skrelp's shiny form alot

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    Shiny sylveon = male sylveon? female = pink??

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    Quote from Milksaad »

    Shiny sylveon = male sylveon? female = pink??

    I hope not. I really hate the "pink = female" and "blue = male" thinking.

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    Shiny Pokemon are confirmed for XY!

    Where'd you find this btw? I didn't see anything on my quick look through Bulbapedia. Though I do like their colorings. :P

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    I found it here: :)

    Have a look. Now I found it here, but i hope it is real, Im pretty sure it is though :D

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    I love the shiny Fennekin. So cool looking!

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