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    Hi guys,

    I know RNGing splits opinions generally, but I've always preferred that to hacking using stuff like Pokebuilder. I'd read that RNGing was expected to be impossible using a 3DS, since noone had cracked the console and so couldn't RAM watch to get an understanding of the mechanics involved.

    My question is, now that 3DS's have been hacked successfully, do you think we can expect X and Y to be RNG-able? I haven't really thought long and hard about it, but my initial thoughts are that it's kind of in Gamefreak and Nintendos better interests to allow RNG, as it provides an alternative to use of hacking techniques such as pokebuilder and the various fake GTS websites, for those lacking the time to chain breed for competition level IVs/natures/Hidden Powers etc.

    Any thoughts?

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    I agree that breeding can be to much work to find out you may or may not be wrong about a tactic and playing it blind not knowing what your iv or ev's are unless you bust out the good maths. But with this bank system and the super training i think only old gen pokemon will be gened in, so long as they are not to strict. I know there are hidden codes in pokemon to make them super real, at the moment i have never had a problem with it, even when it first started i dont have a shark or nothing. Just pokegen and download from dNS

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