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Everstone location X and Y

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    Gamefreak really made it a pain in the a** to get a decent charmander with all the talking and battling before I could check what I got, restart and try again.

    After a few hours I finally got a female timid charmander for breeding... no way i'd do that long enough to get one which i'd be happy with.

    But i need an everstone to breed with so I can keep the nature...

    Does anyone know where the everstone is located. As you could understand I don't want to potentially waste more time.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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    (I could wrong) there's a town surrounded by rocks. In one of the houses, there's a scientist who gives you an everstone.

    Profile pic thanks to XxWhimsizoroakxX!

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    thanks!! ill check it out

    Warning: Next time please use the Q/A for quick questions like these. Thanks. :)
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