Where to buy Honey

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    I need it for Horde Encounters. Can I buy it anywhere, or do I need a high level Combee in my party. I really don't want the second option.

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    I think its like heart scale farming...Use move that steals hold items on Combee

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    Hope I'm not too late!

    On Kalos Route 4, using your Dowsing machine you can find about 3 Honies in the mazes. If you don't want to do all that, buy a few Pokeballs if you don't have any and catch a Combee, any level in Route 4. They are common in the Yellow flowers. Use it's Sweet Scent attack on the grass you want to get a Pokemon Horde in by going to the Pokemon tab in the X button menu, tapping Combee, tapping 'USE A MOVE', and sweet scent. If it isn't there, catch another Combee. I got my first Combee and Sweet Scent on my first try.

    Hope I helped :D


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    Sweet scent is the most sensible and simple solution!

    There's this too though: http://youtu.be/HclABj7eH_0?t=28m38s

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