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Strange Souvenir

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    If you talk to the backpacker in hotels (in the rooms on the second floor) four days in a row he gives you this item. He hints at a faraway region. This is the item's description:"An ornament depicting a Pokemon that is venerated as a protector in some region far from Kalos"

    Very very odd. I believe he starts in Cyllage, but can be in any hotel minus Lumoise.

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    Inspect it closely. If it doesn't ring a bell, chances are it is from a new region.

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    I have a feeling it's a future event for a legend we already know, like Celebi

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    might be connected to couirway town railway 

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    Darmanitan Zen Mode?  Jirachi?  I honestly have no idea.

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    which hotel did you find this guy?


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    Another thing to note, is that an NPC also states, that it's not from any of the five previous Regions!
    So, my hope is that it's a new "cutesy" legendary ^.^
    I just can't get enough of them :P

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    Now maybe I'm doing something wrong... but every time I talk to the guy, he always talks about the facility... nothing more DESPITE changing locations each day.  Same with the Eevee trade lady, I talk to them both each day and yet no progress from them... but the Magikarp trade man did work after talking to him for a few days... Any Ideas? 

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    You know what, even though it does resemble a face smiling.. It kinda looks like Mew to me. The small head, big eyes, small ears, small body under the head, small hands, and the tail under the 'smile'.

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    It's probably gonna be like the Lock Capsule from HG/SS


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    I guess it leads to a pokemon like ( Mew,celebi,jirachi,manphy,victini ) cause kalos does not have this "ALL 100" pokemon!

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    Quote from mhd85 »

    I guess it leads to a pokemon like ( Mew,celebi,jirachi,manphy,victini ) cause kalos does not have this "ALL 100" pokemon!

    I personally wouldn't think so, since it isn't from any of the regions present ^_^
    Although, who knows xD
    We'll just have to wait for the sneaky Masuda to reveal it's purpose :P

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    if you talk to the back packer after getting the item he said this in his own words: "I can tell you one thing its not kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh heck not even unova." I personally believe that this item came from an all new region maybe they wanted us to know that we still got more pokemon to catch in English terms there may vary will be over 1000 pokemon if this keeps up think about it the world is big but not know just how big maybe its a new rangers game maybe a new version but sometime after an additional version just remember there was red, blue, YELLOW, gold, silver, CRYSTAL, ruby, sapphire, EMERALD, diamond, pearl, PLATINUM, black, white, SEQUELS (b2/w2), and now x, and y. perhaps there will be z or y2/x2 but we still don't know we just have to wait next year or maybe 4 years from now

    not 4 years sorry there was a 2-year gap between each new version eg. red and blue 1996 yellow 1998 the following year gold and silver came then in 2000 crystal 2 years after that ruby and sapphire 2 years after that firered leafgreen then emerald 2006 d&p 2 more years after these versions release, 2008, platinum a year later heartgold soulsilver the following year black and white 2 years later sequels which in turn to this year x and y do the math

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    maybe in the next gen 6 game there will be another area that unlocks after beating the game that's not techincally from the Kalos region, similar to the 7 islands from the firered/ leafgreen games, and that's where it's use will come in.

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    It might be worth noting that the Pokemon depicted in the souvenir might not necessarily be new. The souvenir is from a new region where this Pokemon is said to be the protector. It could be a Pokemon we've already seen just in a region we've not yet encountered. The recent generations have been more liberal with integrating older Pokemon in with new ones; X and Y especially. 

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    If you look at the grin on the statue, that is definitely Hoopa... without a doubt. Same grin and eyes... obviously the head is wrong but it could have multiple forms. 

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    Possibly it could be the other legendary you didn't obtain through game play. Or maybe, a Mew event!


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    The head looks to flat to be hoopa. It also looks like one o those heads from the Easter Isles.What I don't understand is why would they hint at the next region in game? The game hasn't even been out a month so realistically people could've gotten this four days after release, hinting at a new region already? It has to be something for use in this game to obtain some event pokemon from a faraway land.

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