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Master Balls - is there a way to get more?

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    I used my masterball from the pokeball factor catching Yveltal and was wondering if there are more to find in game, or if it is possible to get one by chance some other way.

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    You only ever receive one in every game. But I would suggest Dusk Balls if you're trying to catch the rest of the legendaries. I still haven't used my Master Ball but the largest number of Dusk Balls I've even had to use on one Pokemon was Zygarde, which took me only 3 attempts. Dusk Balls are $1,000 each.

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    Ah thanks.

    I know in earlier games, I'm talking like red and blue, there was an option to get a second one somewhere, like on a cruise ship or something

    Please bear with me if I do something stupid. I am hand rearing newborn ferrets and am sleep deprived as a result.

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    If there is a lottery in game, you could probably get Master Balls from that if all the numbers match.

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    There is the LotoID in Lumiose City, I think if you win you get a master ball (not sure though)

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    In BW/B2W2 there was a second way (forgot how, but i do know I have two unused master balls for each, in case I ever found a shiny). One I believe was given by Professor Juniper and the other from Colress. Now, as for X/Y, I'm not sure if you can get another one, I haven't found a second yet :).

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    i need another master ball like really bad... well i need it for my brother. he's been trying to catch mewtwo but ran out of money and pokeballs. the only games of pokemon we have are x and y so i need to know if i can get another. we both used ours on our ledgendaries.... now i wish i hadn't but i still caught mewtwo AND yveltal, my two favorite ledgendaries. yay!

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