Best Nature & EVs for Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja?

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    I currently have a female Frogadier at lv30, Quiet nature with a Mischievous characteristic. Her stats are as follows:

    HP: 78
    Attack: 44
    Defense: 44
    Sp. Attack: 70
    Sp. Defense: 47
    Speed: 59

    I caught her in friend safari so absolutely nothing has happened to her. No XP gained whatsoever. I'm new to EV training, so help me out? What should I be training her in? Is Quiet nature good for her?

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    Quite nature decrease speed and increase Sp. atk!
    I'm not so sure that's the best nature for the little guy!
    Greninja is no slow poke so a decrease in speed means it will go last, well almost always!

    If you want it for competitive battling purposes, I would go with a modest nature, that would increase it's special attack and decrease it's attack which it doesn't need. Or if you want it to be a little faster you could go with timid which would raise it's speed and decrease it's attack.

    As for Ev's I would put 252 in Sp. Atk, and 252 in Speed. It has relatively low hit points so adding Ev's in hp would seem like a waste if it's going to die in 1-2 hits anyway,.....

    If your not going to be using it in super hardcore battling sessions and just want a decent nature, Quirky Bashful, Docile, Hardy, and Serious natures all are equal, meaning they don't add stats or take away any....

    If your new to Ev's there's plenty of guides out there, and with the new super training mini game they added it's easier then ever to Ev train a Pokemon..
    (P.S. sorry for the book but I hope this helps)
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