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    Hey everyone, I've been looking around on the shiny threads a lot and there's one thing I've noticed: lots of people seem to have gotten shinies in the friend safari. Now I was wondering, could it be that you're more likely to find shinies in the safari? Please give me your thought on this.

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    well shines in this Generation are just easier to come by and a lot of people use the friend safari for shiny hunting so more shineys sightings pop up there than anywhere else. I would say the likely hood of finding a shiny is the same as it is anywhere else

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    Yup, there appears to be a high rate of shinies appearing in friend safari, I got my 2 Shiny Togepi and 2 Shiny Chansey in friend safari.


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    Didn't spot a shiny the entire main game, but I found a shiny dunsparce relatively fast after getting access to the friend Safari. I think it's more just rng than anything though.

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    Lugia how much time have you spent in the safari, cause I've been in there looking around for quite a bit, but have yet to find a single shiny in there.

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    I believe the shiny rates have just been increased in general.

    A lot of people have been hunting pokemon from the friend safari because they can have hidden abilities. With so many people hunting pokemon there, it's obvious that the friend safari would have more shinys come out of it then other areas.

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    Friend safari DOES have higher shiny rates. We've been doing a lot of testing on it to see which factors affect it. (Friend being online. having beaten the elite four etv.) According to our runs our shortest Shiny was in 41 minutes with the longest being at 5 hours. our average time is around 1:30 hours. we place the shiny odds at somewhere between 1/300 - 1/600. As i said this is all still being tested but this is the data we have atm so take it how you like. We basically enter a safari run around encountering and running from pokemon till we get a shiny. If anyone wants some of the data PM me.

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    I have bred, horde battled and right now I'm consecutive fishing, 100+ hours of play time. NO SHINY FREAKIN' YET

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    sup im shinryu aka my code name by the way thanks for the add lol can u tell me what my friend safari is? fc 2509-2105-2677

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    @shinryu yeah sure, I've already checked out your safari a bit, you have ghost type with Lampent, I'll check out what the rest is in a moment.

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    I've only just unlocked the Friend Safari place, but I've had about 100 encounters and still no shinies for me. :(

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    So far I haven't found any shinies and I've been looking for a few hours a day for a few days. Also, I've been farming the same spots for shines on two different DS's, one with the game complete and one without(Also not been tipping on this one). So far I've found 3 Shines, Gulpin, Murkrow and Klefki, all on the completed and tipping DS. I find this stange, anyone else noticed and correlation as this may also prove to why Friend Safari seems to yield more shines, maybe the "Honor of Kalos" item has something to do with it? I think it's definitely worth looking into. 

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, the day after this post I found Shiny Quagsire and Shiny Mawile in 1 day! 

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    Well I've just gotten my first friend safari shiny, after about one hour to one and a half hour so that's pretty cool. I think there's definitely a good chance shinies are less rare in there.

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    Found a shiny Gogoat in the Friend Safari just now! My first shiny of the game.

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    I have found a shiny foongus whilst horde fighting hoping for a shiny Murkrow. (Haven't yet got murkrow)

    I have recently spent 5 hrs in a friend safari looking for a shiny pawniard and not found anything :S I don seem it be following the suit here...


    edit/update ~6hrs and I got shiny pawniard :D

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    Hmm... interesting posts so far on this thread. I'm gonna go into the friend safari and check it out for myself and see what I find.

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    Got a shiny Quagsire earlier today in the friend safari. My first shiny in the new games.


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    I found a shiny Gothorita with Shadow Tag last night in the friend safari. First shiny the whole game.

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    @dark_shinryu: Please keep in mind to stay on topic. This thread is pertaining to shinies, rather than for asking what your Friend Safari is~

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    I got shiny Electabuzz in a Safari Zone quite early. I was looking for Galvantula and then he appeared. This weekend I will try to get one more in other Safari and see if its real that you can get one in around 2-3 hours.

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