Restaurant Easy Money Fast!

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    By the way for all you guys struggling with money here's an easy way.
    1. Go to the 3 star restaurant in Luminose, I think it's called Le Wow.
    2. Put an amulet coin on the first pokemon in your party.
    3. Use O-Power prize money on yourself.
    4. Do either doubles or singles, but make sure at least 2/3 of your pokemon knows protect or a non-attack move.
    5. Battle the staff and finish the battle in the turn they ask you to. If you are lost on what turn you are, you can just check the pp of your moves.
    6. When you win, you 'll get all of your money back you used to enter, plus a little more. Then you will always get mushrooms on how well you did on ending the battle on the exact turn. If you did it perfectly you should get 160,000$ worth of mushrooms to sell. Just sell them to the pokemart to get your money.(That's only with the lowest o-power)

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    Hey thanks for the tip. :) I was battling the elite 4 for money.


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    Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.

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    Are there special People in this game to sell the Pearls/nuggets/mushrooms to like in B/W? They gave a bit more money than the pokemart.


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