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Aron and larvitar X or Y

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    Hello everyone i just want to clarify in which game can you get a larvitar or aron the reason is that i ask this is i look up youtube videos to find out and they confused me because in on video he said you can only get larvirtar in y and aron in x. thenin another video it was vicversa aron was in y and larvitar was in x. im so confused if anyone can tell me if they know in the game either if you have x or y which pokemon is in which version i really need a clarification so i know what version i want to get for either aron or larvitar. thank you

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    Serebii has a a list of version exclusives here:

    Larvitar is exclusive to y, while aron is exclusive to x.



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    Meanwhile their Megastones are in the opposite version.

    Larvitar is in Y, Tyranitarite is in X. Aron is in X, Aggronite is in Y.

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    Locking this thread because it has been answered. In future, please use the quick questions sticky to ask short questions like these.

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