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How to get hidden abilities?

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    So i've been reading around and i know you can get pokemon with hidden abilities in the friend safari. I also read that when you breed pokemon there is a small chance that they could hatch with a hidden ability yet i haven't found enough info for me to believe this is a real theory? Can someone comfirm this for me and let me know if there are any other ways to obtain hidden ability pokemon?

    (Also i already know about hordes)

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    If your friend was online at the same time you were and he/she has beaten the pokemon league, then your friend's safari will have 3 pokemon appearing and there is always a chance that the pokemon in there can have a hidden ability. Once you get a pokemon with a hidden ability in there and breed it, I think it's something like a 40% or 60% chance that it's babies will hatch with the hidden ability.

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    Thank you! so breeding normal pokemon without the ability will not be able to hatch an egg with one?

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    Yo, in future please use the stickied Quick Questions thread. Since your question was answered the thread has been locked. Please don't unlock it. :)
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