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AZ's Floette

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    So ever since I fought AZ I was hoping to at some point be able to get a hold of his Floette. Sad since it's technically his but the flower its holding is awesome. First I thought it was weird holding a rose instead of a colored daisy but then after the battle in the credits its holding some kind of weird flower and now I want it more >.< Anyone else feel the same?


    The last images in this video (real or not) didn't help my obsession much either. If its real and its bred I wonder if the Flabebe will come out with the same type of flower or not...

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    The flower reminds me of Yveltal colour/pattern/shape.. : x

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    I didn't think about it but it does. It even has three main petals to it. >.<

    AZ Floette

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    Here's to hoping it's a dark/fairy type. LOL

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    That's an evil floette...or maybe its a ghost/fairy having been 'dead' technically.

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    I thought Floette was shiny, huh.
    Still would be nice to be able to get his Floette (or another one) sometime! Maybe there will be an event...

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    Quote from Hamel »

    Quote from DisturbanceFactor »

    That's an evil floette...or maybe its a ghost/fairy having been 'dead' technically.

    Just because it's black and red doesn't mean it's "evil."  also doubt it's "dead" or has been "dead," considering there are many Pokemon that live for centuries.

    I beleve in the game it is confirmed that it died, when AZ tells his story.

    I can't wait until I get that Floette as an event, because of this, there has to be an event: 


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    Zombie Floette. Interesting. I wouldn't mind having it.

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    Maybe the flower its holding is an extinct one...or the flower is dead. The legend didn't say anything about THAT being resurrected did it?:P

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    I want that Floette :<, are they any good overall?

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    I don't know I wasn't interested in flabebe from the start with Sylveon around. If it looks neat though I wouldn't mind working it in.

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    I'm more interested in what it would look like if it evolves.
    It could be the Spiky eared Pichu if this gen.

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    I never had spiky eared pichu. Although I heard people were really upset when it couldn't be transferred out of the game it was caught on. Hopefully its not the same with a special floette.

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    floettes flower is basically the poisonues flower that team flare was talking about they said that a pokemon has a poisonous flower too but it has disagreed the pokemon


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    as long as i dont have TO GO TO NEW YORK TO GET IT!!!! im fine with whatever it is 





    i hate events were you have to go somewhere to it its stupid and not everyone has a chance to get it.... WIFI ONLY

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    Traveling for one pokemon is a hassle. Then you also have to be there when the store is open and not when you have a chance.

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    I want this for reasons.

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    Poison Fairy?

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    Potentially. That would be awesome. But it may just be a tweaked sprite.

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    I don't think finding a floette with that flower pattern is possible, however judging by the blue body that floette appears to be a shiny floette.

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