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In search of an Everstone

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    So I was recently doing some wonder trading (getting rid of some Protean Frokies), and I accidentally traded a Frokie holding my everstone...I was wondering if anyone could possibly give me an extra everstone if they just had one laying around. Or can anyone tell me of an alternative method to getting one other than the house in Geosenge or thieving them away from Geodude/Gravlers. Thanks a bunch! 

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    Roggenrola in Reflection Cave carry them. Put a fainted pokemon with the ability Compound Eyes in your first slot and the second slot should be a fast pokemon with Frisk and Thief. It will only take you 10 to 15 minutes of encounters to grab another Everstone. Hope this helps. 

    EDIT: I have like 30 Wide Lenses, and 15 King's Rock just from this method of item farming. Metal Coat on the other hand requires a different approach. 

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    I think that might be the only way to go about doing it. /: Sorry bro. To help with the thieving from geodudes and gravlers, though, I recommend a Frisk Pumpkaboo with thief. That way you won't be wasting time catching them in the hopes of them having an item and you'll have a type advantage. You could also lead with a Pokemon with compound eyes, which will give a 1.5x increase in a wild Pokemon holding an item.

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    Find a Graveler on the GTS, make sure it has the everstone.

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    To conclude the results of the above methods for finding an everstone, it is a 90% difference when trying to get it from a Roggenrola Vs. a Graveler. Here is why:

    Graveler: 5% Held item Chance - (With Compound Eyes: 5%*(1.5) = 10% Chance)

    Rogenrola: 50% Held Item Chance - (With Compound Eyes: 50%*(1.5) = 100% Chance.)


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