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Help! Can't Figure Out IVs!

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    Hello! I have been trying to understand the whole "Perfect 5IV". I have been trying to use Serebeii's  X/Y Individual Value and Stat Calculator, but I can't figure out where it says the IV information.. Please help me understand it! 

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    IVs are essentially, a Pokemon's DNA, as in it is determined when a pokemon is born,received, or encountered in the wild. IVs can account for up to 31 stat points at level 100 and can have a max spread of 31 Iv points in 5 stats and 30 in the last stat. in other words 31/31/31/31/31/30. Now the placement of these stats is determined at random, and as are the totals for each stat. There are exceptions to the rules, as Friend Safari pokemon will always have 2 perfect IV totals in 2 stats determined at random. Also, via breeding 1 IV total from a parent is guaranteed to be passed down, but this is determined randomly (unless you use one of the training Bands which will pass down the corresponding stat from one of the parents, ie power band passes down attack IV) or 5 IVs can be passed if one of the parents is holding the destiny knot.

    in Kiloude City, the IV checker is located within the pokemon center in the back right (has purple hair) he will tell you rough estimates for your best and (sometimes if it's really low) worst IV totals. If one of them is perfect he will state the stat (or stats if thier are multiple perfect stats) "cannot be beat thats my opinion" if he says something different afterward the pokemon has no perfect stats at all.

    Hope this helps....

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