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    Hey all! This is the place to tell others what Pokemon are in your Fairy-type Friend Safari. Only post about Friend Safari Pokemon here. You can post your Friend Code too, but any posts saying "added" will be deleted. Do not exchange Friend Codes here. Please exchange Friend Codes using the Personal Message System. You can ask what type of Friend Safari you have here.

    How to use this thread:

    1. Post your Friend Code and mention what Pokemon you have in your Friend Safari.
    2. If you're looking for a specific Pokemon, make a post saying what you're looking for.
    3. Send a personal message (PM) to someone who's posted in this thread with your Friend Code, if you've unlocked Friend Safaris.
    4. Exchange Friend Codes and continue the conversation on the PM system.
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    Mine is fairy type

    Pokemon: dedenne-swirlix-?




    FC: 4570-7608-0415


    FC: 4570-7608-0415

    IGN: F.A.F  SV: 1051

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    I have Floette, Dedenne, and Mawile.

    My Friend Code is in my signature.

    3DS FC: 4141-3007-5798

    Safari Type: Fairy

    I have Floette, Dedenne, and Mawile.

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    I have floette, snubbull and swirlix. 

    My friend code is 1177 - 7845 - 2645.

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    I have a fairy safari with Swirlix, Floette, and Togepi.

    Friend code: 3024-6150-4645

    Name: gib

    Please include what's in your safari in your PM. If you don't know that's fine, just tell me. Saves some time.

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    I have Kirlia, Swirlix and Floette

    Name: Denne

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    IGN: Denne

    FC: 2895-7256-5523

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    I have Floette, Kirlia, and Mawile.

    My 3ds code is 2036-6564-0464

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    I Have mawile and togepi dont know what third one is yet. 

    FC is 0275 8347 0867


    Updated: Third pokemon is Flebe with a blue flower also I don't have much room left im looking for a normal safari with dittos and if you want to add me pm me with whats in your safari preferably one with a ditto but you can tell me what you have and i may be looking for those particular pokemon also i check this site every 2 to 3 days so it may be sometime before i respond.

    thanks Foose 

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    I got Dedenne, Jigglypuff, and Floette.


    Pokemon X/Y FC: 1521-2599-8185

    Pokemon X - Bibi / Pokemon Y - Elise

    Fairy Type - Dedenne / Jigglypuff / Floette

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    Send me a msg if you add me :)

    FC: 4914-3513-2391
    3DS Name: Drkwolf
    Safari Type: Fairy
    Pokemon: Snubbull, Jigglypuff, Clefairy

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    I have Togepi, Mawile & Floette

    Feel free to PM me, please include which Pokemons you have :)

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    ~ Pokémon X - FC: 0404-6925-2188 ~
    ~ Safari: Fairy - Togepi, Mawile & Floette ~

    ~ Breeding competitive Pokémons~

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    I have mawile, kirlia, and floette. FC:4828-4670-8231. Looking for fire-type with growlithe. pm me if you've added me

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    Pm me when you have added me :)

    My safari type is fairy : mawile , kirla and clefairy

     FC: 1005-9814-2274

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    Friend Code: 1005-9814-2274

    Name will be called Ds 

    Pm me when you have added me :)

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    My FC is 3582-9692-0659

    The guy told me I had Fairy, but didn't say what I had.  So feel free to add me, look, and lemme know.  And please PM me your FC in exchange.

    I have Mawile, Dedenne, and Clefairy.

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    X FC: 3582 9692 0659  Feel free to add me for Safari.

    Ask me about my 5 31 IV bugs.

    Shinies from eggs....0  Wild shinies: Oddish, Flabebe

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    My safari has
    Snubbul, Spritzee, and Clefairy
    FC is in the sig, PM me your FCs after you've added me and I'll get back to you as soon as I can

    EDIT: Friends list is full, can't accept anymore at the moment inbox about it and we may work something out

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    My FC is:  2766-8698-4817

    I have dedenne and spritzee and an unknown third.

    Please PM if you have added me and I will add you back promptly! 


    IGN: meeiu

    FC Code: 2766-8698-4817

    Trainer Shiny Value: 1083

    PM me if you need anything! ^-^

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    I have dedenne floette jigglypuff

    FC: 3110 4154 7771


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    Notes: Off-topic. This thread is for sharing your Fairy Friend Safari.
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    I think that I have Clefairy, Snubble and Spritzee

    Please correct me if I am wrong

    My FriendCode: 5386-7190-1129

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    Contact me if you want a Mawile, Dedenne and Floette safari. Pm your friend code so I can add you back and get to you as soon as I can.


    FC: 2509 - 2254 - 9743

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